Monday, December 28, 2015

WE are the symbols of our Christianity!

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a great Christmas and that you have a Happy New Year! I loved this last week so much because on Tuesday, our entire mission got together in Centerville, Ohio and had a WONDERFUL Christmas devotional! We started it off with a talent show, then had a christmas program — complete with musical numbers, and then we heard from President and Sister Porter, ending with Brother Paco (from President Porter's home ward). It was AMAZING! It was so incredibly fun being together with all of the missionaries... I feel like I learned so much!

My mom, me, grandma, and sister!!!

One of my favorite thoughts shared by President Porter was about why we don't use the cross as a symbol of our Christianity. People ask us about it all the time, and it's because WE are the symbols of our Christianity! It is the way we live, the way we present ourselves to the world. What we do to follow God's commandments, and what we do to serve others. What we do to be like Christ. Our ACTIONS make us Christians. When the gospel becomes infused into our very souls, then we are examples of Christ in the world. That is something that I want to strive for my entire life, to be an example of the believers.

Driving home from mission-wide Christmas Devotional in Centerville, Ohio

Wednesday we went on exchanges in Huntington, and I was with the lovely Sister Hamblin!!! It was POURING rain all day and we got absolutely soaked!!!! It was so fun though — haha!

Me and Sister Hamblin on exchanges - in the pouring rain!

Thursday was CHRISTMAS EVE and Sister Creager and I were invited to the Neeley home where we ate yummy fondue and sang together around the piano. I loved it.

Selfie with the Neeley family on Christmas Eve!

Then on Christmas Day I got to Skype with my family... and I loved it so much!!! Maybe I'm a tiny bit biased but I have the greatest family ever — It was really hard to say goodbye! Till May, mi familia...

After skyping, Sister Creager and I had Christmas dinner at the Tucker's, along with some of their extended family! It was a lot of fun.

We have "officially" been accepted as Hoosiers!!!
(Thanks Tucker Family for the cute shirts!)

Saturday we went to do some work in Fort Wayne and it poured!!! Literally. All. Day. Long... We ended up completely drenched by the time we were through!

Sunday, Sister Creager and I gave talks in Sacrament meeting, and then we taught Relief Society. That was fun!!! We also attempted to have a walking day (because we went over on miles) so some awesome members drove us to Bluffton and from there we proceeded on foot. It was windy, too, so my face was practically frozen by the end of that day:).

Selfie with Olaf

Anyways, it has been a very busy week and we have another crazy busy week ahead!

Hope you all have a grand new year!

Love, Sister Feil

Monday, December 21, 2015


So this week is Christmas... and I just want to take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful and very Merry Christmas!

Saw some of my MTC favorites at Transfer meeting!

Once again, I don't have time to write much but I do want to share that because we had transfers last Tuesday, I said goodbye to Sister Nicol and hello to.... SISTER CREAGER!

Sister Creager is so fun! She is from Weston, Idaho and has been out for 7 1/2 months so far. She has served in the Dayton Stake her whole mission (two different areas) and so Decatur is her first area in Indiana! I apologize, but I don't have a picture of us because we took them on her camera and I haven't had a chance to get them yet... but I will send a pic next week. This is going to be a fun transfer! There is a lot of work for us to do here in Decatur so we will be kept very busy — haha.

It's funny, on our first day together, Wednesday, we ended up having a flat tire. Thankfully, a stranger came and helped us change it and then we took it to a shop to get it fixed. So... about half of our first day together was spent taking care of the car — haha.

Tomorrow our entire mission is getting together for a Christmas Devotional in Centerville, Ohio, and I am so excited!! It should be an amazing experience. Then of course Friday is Christmas and I get to Skype my family! And I am VERY excited about that as well!!!

I want to close by bearing my testimony of Christ. I know that He is my Savior and that because of Him, I have the hope of happiness and progression in this life. I can be forgiven of my sins, and start fresh every day. I make so many mistakes, but I don't have to be discouraged because of that! I know that mistakes allow me to learn and grow and to become better, and to become more like Heavenly Father wants me to become. Christ gives me the strength I need to push forward with a perfect brightness of hope, and to love others and see them as God sees them. I am so grateful for the peace that this knowledge allows me to have. And as a missionary I get to spread this beautiful message with the wonderful people of the Ohio Cincinnati Mission, and I love it. There is no other place in the WORLD I'd rather be:).

Have a blessed Christmas, and remember the true reason for the season!

Love, Sister Feil

Monday, December 14, 2015


Soooooooooooooo... transfers are happening this week, and I will be staying in Decatur! My lovely companion, Sister Nicol, will be leaving me :( but she is going on to be an STL and she will be amazing! I honestly learned so much from her. I feel so blessed to have had her as my trainer! And she might even become the STL in my zone, and if she is then I will still get to see her and work with her which would be awesome! We are sad to be leaving each other right before the holidays, but we know that God has a purpose for both of us as we move on to work with new companions!

Tuesday was SISTER NICOL'S 20TH BIRTHDAY and it was amazing! We had interviews with President and Sister Porter, which took up most of the day (and was super awesome because they are literally the greatest people EVER!) and afterwards, Sister Gimbel (who drove us) took us out to an Italian restaurant and surprised Sister Nicol with gifts that her family had sent her! It was so awesome! And that night we had a dinner appointment with one of the Steele families and they fed us sloppy joes (the best ones I have ever had in my liiiiiife) along with Sister Steele's famous chocolate cake. It was some of the best cake I have ever had, and though we begged for her recipe, she didn't budge... It's top secret and still remains that way - LOL! I felt very privileged to have just gotten to try some.

That night, we drove to Huntington for exchanges, and on Wednesday I led the Decatur area — for the very first time! Sister Jones (my grandma) was my companion for the day, and I have to admit, I was SOOOO nervous, but the day went really well! It was definitely waaayyyyyyy better than I thought it would be, and I know the Lord was helping me and guiding me to know what to do. And we saw some great miracles!

This time of year is SIMPLY amazing! I have loved telling everyone about the videos on because Jesus Christ is the reason for the Season! He did so much for us, and we owe Him everything. Literally. And I love spreading that love to everyone! Have you been on that website yet? There are also some "12 Days of Christmas" videos that are AWESOME, along with some other pretty cool stuff... Look them up if you haven't already!

Funny story! On Saturday I made a huge mistake and accidentally ate some old bread and turkey for lunch... then we drove to a neighboring town for an appointment (which fell through) and we made a few more stops there. Suddenly, I started feeling SO SICK that we decided we should probably head back to the apartment, but we didn't quite make it and I ended up throwing up in the car! Fortunately I had a bag, which unfortunately had a hole in it, so it wasn't that helpful. Sorry.... That's probably waayyyy more info than you wanted to hear. But it was SO. NOT. FUN. Oh... the many interesting joys of a missionary's life :).

A cute little girl in our branch wanted us to read her a storybook. We told her that we couldn't read anything that didn't have the LDS logo on it, and later her mom told us that she wrote her own LDS stamp on the back of one of her books — so that we could read it to her. How insanely cute is that?! Ha Ha. It made me laugh so hard.

Yesterday, we saw a lot of miracles. After a pretty successful start to the day, we went to visit a guy we met this past week who has actually met with missionaries before, and we had a very powerful lesson with him. He is open to learning new things, and is mainly curious as to why there are so many different churches. He is awesome though, and we are going to continue to work with him and hopefully even his children!

We have also been meeting with a lady named 'J'. We met her a few weeks ago and had a feeling we should go visit her last night. Turned out, she had been having a really hard day and has been super stressed out lately, and as we taught her about The Restoration and about God's love for her she began to cry. The Spirit was so strong and we asked her if she would be baptized and she said YES! So next time we meet with her, we will hopefully put her on date... Woohoo!

I honestly feel so blessed to have this opportunity to invite others to come closer to Christ through baptism. It is amazing the difference that can make in one's life. My heart is just constantly swollen with the love I have for my Savior, and for others.

Have a blessed week!

Sister Feil

Monday, December 7, 2015


Holy moly. These weeks just fly by so quick! I mean, I only have one more week and then I am done with training... AHHHHHHHH it's so crazy. Mission time is just weird. My goodness.

No-Shave November.... LOL!!!

So this week was another busy one! Sister Nicol and I have just been workin' workin' workin' away. I am so excited for the Christmas season though! We set up a Christmas tree in our apartment and some lights and we have some Christmassy scented candles and some rockin' (but approved) Christmas music and so we are set. And my favorite part about the Christmas season is handing out pass along cards that say, "He is the gift." Those cards have a link to an amazing video. Sooooooo please please please go to and watch the video that pops up!! Seriously, there is nothing more important about the season than remembering Christ and all that He has done for us. Because of Him, we have so many blessings! So many! He was born, He lived, He died, and He rose again for us, and because of that, we can be cleansed and forgiven and have a perfect hope for our future as we strive to become who we have been put on earth to become. Heavenly Father wants us to rejoice and be happy as we strive to follow Christ's example and prepare ourselves for that day when we will return to Him. So everyone, remember the true reason we celebrate Christmas. It is to remember and rejoice in Christ, for He is our Savior, and He is the reason we have the hope of redemption and glory. Watch the video and share it with all of your friends! ALL OF THEM! EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE IT!!!! For reals.

A Random 'EGG'-plant we came across... HaHaHa

Anyways, this week we had our Branch Christmas party, which was pretty rockin'. We helped a member prepare some food for the event, and also helped set up the decor, and a lot of people came! It was wonderful!!! And it was kind of funny because we ended up singing non-religious Christmas songs and so I felt kind of weird haha, but overall it was awesome and we ate a TON of food and dessert.

Me with an ADORABLE little boy from our branch :)

As far as the missionary work goes, we have a huge branch roster and a lot of less actives, so we have been spending our days trying to contact them. And boy it has been requiring a lot of work! We keep missing people and some don't even live at those addresses anymore, so we have just been traveling and trying to update the list.

Okay, so five people this week have told me that I look like Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. Just throwing that out there.

It's freezing here in Indiana.... I mean it's FROZEN!!!

Last night, Sister Nicol and I had the opportunity to watch the 1st Presidency Christmas Devotional at a part-member family's house, and it was awesome. Seriously - if you haven't had the chance to see it yet, GO WATCH IT!! It was amazing... two of my most favorite speakers EVER spoke and so I was in heaven.

FUNNY STORY!! So we got a media referral this week and we went to go contact them. They live in Fort Wayne and it was kind of later at night and we were in this cute neighborhood and we can hear this rap music blasting from one of the houses, which turned out to be the house of the referral. We walk up to their door, and we saw through the garage window that they had turned the garage in to a workout/exercise area and they were just working out like crazy while listening to this heavy rap music. We knocked quite a few times, and nobody could hear us I guess cause the music was so loud. And the whole situation was just kind of comical so Sister Nicol and I were just cracking up! It was hilarious. 

Anyways, love you all!

Have a blessed week!

Love Sister Feil

Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

So sorry — but once again this is going to be short...  I am still trying to get this computer-time thing all figured out!

Wednesday we had the WEIRDEST. LESSON. EVER. We met with this guy (whom we had met a few weeks earlier), who is this 22 year old gamer who we found out has been arrested a few times. He was trying to impress us by telling us he had been in fights and stuff. We started asking him inspired questions and asked what made him happy. He said, "Well, beautiful women make me happy!" Aaaaand it was kind of awkward. After the lesson he asked us if we had a Facebook. And it was weird. The Spirit left that lesson so fast... and so did we! It was SO NOT GOOD.

As you all know, this past week was THANKSGIVING and Sister Nicol and I were invited to Sister Linksy's for dinner. There were a few other members from our branch there as well, along with Elder and Sister Ellinger (senior couple). We didn't have turkey, but we had some delicious ham and mashed potatoes and it was mmm mmm good!

Me, Sister Hendricks, and Sister Nicol — right before Thanksgiving dinner

Saturday we went on exchanges in Huntington and that was so awesome! Our STL's are the best!! I love them so much!!

On exchanges!!!

Yay for busy Sundays!! We had a member baptism right after church (at which Sister Nicol and I both spoke), and then we had a Bishop Vision Meeting immediately following that. Unfortunately, we got the starting time wrong (the meeting was earlier than we thought) so we went into it not being as prepared as we would have liked. I was supposed to lead but I had no idea how as I have only been to one meeting like this before and couldn't remember many specifics about it! So I followed the Spirit, and Sister Nicol graciously helped me out — as she knew how those meetings were supposed to go. I was super stressed, but it ended up being an awesome meeting and the ZL's even said it was one of the best meetings they had been to in that branch.

The weather has been pretty good. The snow has melted, and it is cold, but not as cold as it was the first time it snowed!

Spiritual thought for the week... At zone meeting on Friday, we talked about the mission tour we had last week. The thing we mainly discussed was love. Loving the people you serve and those you serve with is the most essential factor in missionary work. We are missionaries because we love God, and as representatives of Christ, we must love as He and Heavenly Father love. When we can view others as Christ views them, then and only then can we really help them and guide them as they learn about the gospel and about how they can find true happiness in their lives. We can't make others change, but we can love others, and through our example they will want to change. Love is key. So keep calm and love on (:

Love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Feil

Monday, November 23, 2015

It's beginning to look (and feel) a lot like... WINTER!

It SNOWED on Saturday! And now its super duper cold outside. And I am always cold. Always. But that's okay!! I'm sure I will get used to it eventually!

First sighting of SNOW!!!

So the highlight of this week was a mission tour that we had on Thursday. Elder Bennett from the Seventy and his wife came and we got to work with him ALL DAY... And when I say all day — I mean 10AM—5PM. It was AWESOME and I could feel his love so strongly. He taught with such power and he really inspired me so much. He talked about our divine role as missionaries, and about how we were reserved by the Lord to serve in this mission, in our assigned areas, with our specific companions, and how the Lord trusts us to fulfill His great work at this time.

Sister Nicol and I with Elder and Sister Bennett

Elder Bennett also spoke about the importance of asking for referrals from EVERYONE. Referrals are there to help us find those who are prepared to hear the Gospel, and as we are diligent in finding, we will see miracles happen. Sister Nicol and I have been asking for referrals like crazy, and though it doesn't always work out, we have seen many blessings come as we have listened to the counsel of Elder Bennett. I have developed a greater appreciation for this work that I am doing, and I am SO EXCITED to find those who are ready for the gospel! Our message really does improve the quality of the lives of those who accept and act upon it. I feel so blessed to have it in my life, and that is why I am here serving a mission in the GREAT OCM!

After the mission tour, Sister Nicol, me, and two other sisters in our district went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner (we were in Muncie for the tour and so we took advantage of the varied and good places to eat that are found there) and apparently we weren't the only ones with this FABULOUS idea as we also saw the elders from our zone there as well! It was awesome.

Enjoying dinner with some sisters from our district at Texas Roadhouse in Muncie

Afterwards we treated ourselves to a peppermint chocolate cup milkshake at Chick-fil-A because well... why not!?

A member taught us how to cook up some pork chops this week. I am grateful to have that added skill in my life.

Also! We helped a member bake pies for a function she had, and her friend that helped us made us some certificates! So hey! No matter what else happens on my mission, at least I can say that I graduated with honors from Sister Linksy's pie baking school. Woot woot.

Officially graduated from 'pie-baking school' at Sister Linsky's

Funny story! So one of our referrals of the week was a neighbor of one of our members... and this guy just happens to be INCREDIBLY well—off. He was an extra in Godzilla and in Hawaii 5—0 and has met a handful of the US presidents. We had a lesson with him and then he gave us a tour of his house and WOW! He had so many collectables it was insane:).

This cold weather we are having is also insane... Because like I said — it snowed on Saturday and went from being breezy to being just plain cold almost instantaneously! Oh Boy! I hope I get used to this cold weather fast.

Hope you all had a great week! Love you!

Love, Sister Feil

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Holy cow I am two months old today... Time flies by so fast, it's insane!

So this letter is not going to be very long because I'm Running Out of (computer) Time....

Sister Nicol and I attended a baby shower of someone in the branch on Saturday, and it was awesome! We got to meet some nonmembers and even handed out a book of mormon.

For one of our dinner appointments this week, we went to Pizza Hut (which is pretty much considered a 'high-end' restaurant here — haha) and the sister that took us is awesome! She brought along her twin and they were so sunny together, I was cracking up the entire time.
Sister Nicol and I with Sister Stibblefield and her darling twin sister at Pizza Hut... These ladies are SO ADORABLE!!!
(Sorry the pic is blurry)

We had another dinner appointment with a less active, and we briefly mentioned that we only get a certain amount of money on our MSF cards every two weeks for groceries and things (we do a lot of our own cooking) and she was like, "WHAT!?! That's not enough!" And so she sent us home with paper towels, toothpaste, a little food and some other stuff! She was so sweet! And then the next night, she called us and said that she and her daughter were at the store and asked us if we'd like some popcorn and a couple of other things... Of course we didn't turn them down! And then they came to drop it off at our apartment and turns out they literally bought us a ton of food that should last us through the next month. It was like Christmas came early — WaHoo! They were so sweet to help us out! That was (probably) the highlight of the week!
Groceries a sweet sister in our branch bought and brought to us!
Early Merry Christmas to us!!!

Funny story! On Thursday this week, the wind was crazy insane! Like we thought a tornado was on its way, and then we thought we heard sirens and we were a little scared and I thought we were going to die! So we called an investigator and she told us that what we were hearing was trains, not sirens, and that we would be fine. Haha — Guess I'm just a little worry wart!

Anyways, the Atonement is real. With it, we can become better versions of ourselves with every passing day, and be on the path to reach our full potential that God knows we can reach. Continue to pray and repent, and always always always act on the revelation you receive so that you can improve in a way that will benefit your life. Keep on keeping on. (:

Have a blessed week!

Love, Sister Feil

Monday, November 9, 2015

Halfway done with training!!!!

Hey everybody!

So this week is transfers, and thankfully I get to stay with my lovely companion, Sister Nicol, for at least one more transfer!!! 
Woo hoo! And It's official — I am halfway done with training!!! Yay! It seriously has gone by so fast so far... it's crazy!

Anyways, this letter won't be very long, but pretty much this has been another amazing week!
Wednesday we had specialized training in Ft. Wayne, and afterwards we went to Chick-fil-A for lunch and it was awesome because I love Chick-fil-A!!
Another cool thing about Ft. Wayne: part of our area covers the south end of it, and we were doing some work there and came across this little mini city. Like, literally, it was a miniature city, with a McDonalds and Pizza Hut and streets that were much smaller than they should be.
The mini city was fenced in, but there was a police officer locking it up and so we went up and asked her about it. She said it's used for field trips to teach children about safety.
Her name was Joyce and she was so nice, she actually gave us a tour of it — so we got some cool pictures.
Selfie with Joyce - the officer who gave us the tour of the miniature city :)
Saturday, Sister Nicol and I got together with the Senior couple missionaries in our area, the Ellingers, and they came with us to some lessons and then took us to dinner. We went to Cracker Barrel in Ft. Wayne and we had such a great time! The Ellinger's are the best, and they were so kind to take some of their free time to come work with us. It was the greatest.

So, a member invited us to his house for lunch yesterday and fed us some bear... that he had hunted himself. Last week, he cooked up some deer he had hunted and invited us to try that. And I gotta tell you, they are both really good! Haha! Never thought I'd ever be able to say that I've eaten bear, but there you go!
Quite possibly the bear I ate... (this was in the member's home who fed us BEAR!)
Okay, funny story... we were in Berne trying to contact a less active, and they weren't home so we decided to try talking with their neighbors. Their neighbors were this cute old couple from Guatemala. They have lived in America for about 28 years and are mainly Spanish speakers! But they invited us in and showed us picture of their children and grandchildren. Before we left we asked if we could pray with them, and they grabbed our hands, soo... I held a boys hand!!!! It was awesome though — he prayed in Spanish for us, and they were like squeezing our hands the whole time and it was great.
This was the cute couple from Guatemala... aka I held his hand.
Anyways, have a blessed week!

Love you all!

Sister Feil
"Eternity Ahead!"

Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween and other stuff...

Hey everyone!

This week was a crazy busy week for Sister Nicol and I! Monday was cool because Decatur has this huge event every year called the Callithumphian Parade (it's a lot like the Candy Cane Lane parade at home in Visalia) and it occurred that night! It is such a big event... like HUGE! Absolutely everyone goes to it and the funny thing is that we discovered that Deactur isn't nearly as small as we thought it was — haha!

Anyways, Sister Nicol and I were riding bikes during our Pday time...

Selfie I took riding my bike... literally almost crashed trying to take it. I don't recommend taking pics while riding a bike!
Our bike ride view

...which happened to be right during the time people were setting up for the parade and one of the golf carts was pulling a trailer full of bags of popcorn and some fell out. They didn't look back, slow down, stop or come back to retrieve it, so we did the only thing we could possibly do and saved that poor popcorn by taking it home with us and giving it a place to stay (haha).

'Saving' the popcorn

After Pday was over, we went to the parade and talked to quite a few people. It was pretty cool.

Tuesday we had zone conference...and it was AMAZING! President Porter and his wife are incredible teachers, and I learned so much from them that day!

My cute companion and me

Wednesday was the branch 'Trunk or Treat,' and literally this branch goes all out! Every year they decorate a room in the church to be a 'haunted' room and this year they had a lot of decorations so they decided to set it up in the chapel (our building is very small and doesn't have a cultural hall and we use foldable chairs for church and such) and so literally there was a haunted maze in the chapel... it was definitely INTERESTING. I felt kind of weird about it but the branch loved it! There were a ton of people who attended this activity... so that was super great!

Branch 'Trunk or Treat' activity... Bet you all want to know what kind of toothpaste we use - lol!!

Thursday, we weekly planned, and, because we had run out of miles in our car, we walked everywhere that day. While walking, we came across a house that was decorated to look like a haunted face, and when we were taking pics in front of it, a little girl said "hi" to us from across the street. She was with her older sister and her grandma, and we immediately went over to talk with them, and they were interested! We have met with them every day this week and they even came to church with us this past Sunday! It was awesome! They are some of the sweetest girls, and that was definitely the miracle of the week:).

The scary house with the 'Haunted' face that led us to meeting our new investigators!

Friday was the genealogy night at the church, and that was totally cool! Sister Linksy is a genealogical genius — haha. There was a lot of great food there, too! We helped Sister Linksy make some pies... so I made my first ever apple pie (made with buckets of butter and sugar — it was completely the opposite experience of everything my mother ever taught me about baking in making that pie.... there were no 'healthy substitutions' or 'let's cut the sugar and/or fat in half,' etc., — sorry mom!! lol) but yeah, that was so much fun and that pie turned out to be really quite delicious.

Saturday was Halloween! We went to our good friend Sister Gimbel's home and read an amazing talk with her, and then we stayed for a bit as she passed out candy. We returned to our apartment early (7PM) and pretty much tried to spend the evening doing productive things, so I just did a lot of extra studying because studying is the best! I literally cherish my study time because I learn so much!

Yesterday was awesome because Sister Nicol and I had a lot of places to go to reach our weekly goals, and we were able to reach them! We taught 11 quality lessons, and it felt SOOOOO GOOD. Being productive is seriously the greatest. Today we will be going to play basketball with our zone in Huntington, and I am pretty stoked for that!!! Woo hoO!

In closing, I just want to encourage everybody to choose faith. I tell myself those two words every day. Having faith really makes the greatest difference in everything. And it is a choice. So choose faith! I promise something totally amazing will happen!

Have a great week all!

Love, Sister Feil

Monday, October 26, 2015

Pobody's Nerfect!

My email title this week was inspired by one of our branch members, who said this to Sister Nicol and I. We cracked up — and thought it was super funny! Haha and so true!

So this week, we had exchanges on tuesday, and I was with Grandma Jones in Huntington and it was awesome! We had a few appointments and most of them fell through, but we were able to find a new investigator who has two little daughters and he was so excited to hear our message... WAHOO! He wanted us to come back the next day, so I will have to follow-up with Sister Jones and find out how that meeting went.

'Grandma Jones' and I in Huntington

Wednesday was one of the greatest days EVER. We got to go to the INDIANAPOLIS TEMPLE! And it was incredible. Our entire zone met up there and it was THE BEST. I love temples. So much. They are awesome. Enough said.

The Sisters in my zone at the Indianapolis temple (:

I LOVE the TEMPLE sooooooo much!

Thursday was amazing because we had a meeting with our branch mission leader and we have so many great ideas to help reactivate members of our branch! Like I am sooooo pumped! And right after that meeting, we went home to weekly plan and there was a package waiting for me with a bunch of fun halloween stuff inside, including cool bats that we hung on our wall. Yeah, we festive. Haha 

Happy Halloween everybody!

We festive...

got bats?

Friday night we had a dinner appointment with a recent convert, and afterwards we visited her cousin next door who just so happens to be Sister Linksy, the family history person. She was so excited to look up Sister Nicol's and my family history to try and connect us to people in the branch! It was so cute! She is seriously the best though... and we did find some connections - SO COOL! We are helping her with a family history event next friday and I am definitely looking forward to that.

Saturday, we went to Ft. Wayne (just the south part because that is in our area) for the first time and it was wonderful! It's slightly ghetto but there are some really beautiful neighborhoods! And I pretty much saw my dream house. Or my top five dream houses. For reals. We ended up going to this place for dinner called Azar's Big Boy's where one of our branch members works. They had the best pancakes in the WORLD and I dream about them now — they were THAT good.

Anyways, funny story about Ft. Wayne! There are so many one way streets there, we accidentally turned down one going the wrong way and freaked out as soon as we realized it. Thankfully, we were able to quickly turn down the next street to safety. And we are still alive. (:

This morning we drew 'The Plan of Salvation' on the sidewalk with chalk because there is a huge parade going on tonight and we are going to take complete advantage of that! It should be a great night.

Preparing for the parade

Love you all! I just want to end by saying how much I love the temple, and I know that it is so important to always remain temple worthy because the temple really is a safe haven. And the work we do there is so important. I have grown to love the temple, and it really is my favorite place to be. 

I LOVE to see the temple...

Have a great week all!

Love, Sister Feil

feelin' a lil' batty - lol