Monday, December 14, 2015


Soooooooooooooo... transfers are happening this week, and I will be staying in Decatur! My lovely companion, Sister Nicol, will be leaving me :( but she is going on to be an STL and she will be amazing! I honestly learned so much from her. I feel so blessed to have had her as my trainer! And she might even become the STL in my zone, and if she is then I will still get to see her and work with her which would be awesome! We are sad to be leaving each other right before the holidays, but we know that God has a purpose for both of us as we move on to work with new companions!

Tuesday was SISTER NICOL'S 20TH BIRTHDAY and it was amazing! We had interviews with President and Sister Porter, which took up most of the day (and was super awesome because they are literally the greatest people EVER!) and afterwards, Sister Gimbel (who drove us) took us out to an Italian restaurant and surprised Sister Nicol with gifts that her family had sent her! It was so awesome! And that night we had a dinner appointment with one of the Steele families and they fed us sloppy joes (the best ones I have ever had in my liiiiiife) along with Sister Steele's famous chocolate cake. It was some of the best cake I have ever had, and though we begged for her recipe, she didn't budge... It's top secret and still remains that way - LOL! I felt very privileged to have just gotten to try some.

That night, we drove to Huntington for exchanges, and on Wednesday I led the Decatur area — for the very first time! Sister Jones (my grandma) was my companion for the day, and I have to admit, I was SOOOO nervous, but the day went really well! It was definitely waaayyyyyyy better than I thought it would be, and I know the Lord was helping me and guiding me to know what to do. And we saw some great miracles!

This time of year is SIMPLY amazing! I have loved telling everyone about the videos on because Jesus Christ is the reason for the Season! He did so much for us, and we owe Him everything. Literally. And I love spreading that love to everyone! Have you been on that website yet? There are also some "12 Days of Christmas" videos that are AWESOME, along with some other pretty cool stuff... Look them up if you haven't already!

Funny story! On Saturday I made a huge mistake and accidentally ate some old bread and turkey for lunch... then we drove to a neighboring town for an appointment (which fell through) and we made a few more stops there. Suddenly, I started feeling SO SICK that we decided we should probably head back to the apartment, but we didn't quite make it and I ended up throwing up in the car! Fortunately I had a bag, which unfortunately had a hole in it, so it wasn't that helpful. Sorry.... That's probably waayyyy more info than you wanted to hear. But it was SO. NOT. FUN. Oh... the many interesting joys of a missionary's life :).

A cute little girl in our branch wanted us to read her a storybook. We told her that we couldn't read anything that didn't have the LDS logo on it, and later her mom told us that she wrote her own LDS stamp on the back of one of her books — so that we could read it to her. How insanely cute is that?! Ha Ha. It made me laugh so hard.

Yesterday, we saw a lot of miracles. After a pretty successful start to the day, we went to visit a guy we met this past week who has actually met with missionaries before, and we had a very powerful lesson with him. He is open to learning new things, and is mainly curious as to why there are so many different churches. He is awesome though, and we are going to continue to work with him and hopefully even his children!

We have also been meeting with a lady named 'J'. We met her a few weeks ago and had a feeling we should go visit her last night. Turned out, she had been having a really hard day and has been super stressed out lately, and as we taught her about The Restoration and about God's love for her she began to cry. The Spirit was so strong and we asked her if she would be baptized and she said YES! So next time we meet with her, we will hopefully put her on date... Woohoo!

I honestly feel so blessed to have this opportunity to invite others to come closer to Christ through baptism. It is amazing the difference that can make in one's life. My heart is just constantly swollen with the love I have for my Savior, and for others.

Have a blessed week!

Sister Feil

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