Monday, February 27, 2017


Hello everybody!

My new comp is Sister Ferrell and she is from Kaysville Utah:). Interesting fact: She is from the same home ward as one of my former, beloved companions, Sister Sarah Hansen (whom I had the wonderful privilege of serving with in Muncie)... so that is pretty cool!!!

Sister Ferrell's first district meeting... Us practicing our Russian smiles :)

We were doubled into Columbia City, and we literally ended up clearing out all of the food that was left in the fridge and freezer this past week - lol! When we went to the store today, it was SO GLORIOUS to buy food... now our apartment is stocked up and it's WONDERFUL!!!!

Playing some bb

We had Stake Conference on Sunday, which meant that I got to see some of my FAVORITE people from the Decatur branch!!!! It was SO MUCH FUN... I nearly cried!!!!

Funny story from the week... there was a bit of miscommunication when we headed to Columbia City from transfers on Tuesday, and the phone that the previous sisters had used couldn't be found! So... long story short — we ended up using one of the office elders old phones, and we didn't get the Columbia City phone until yesterday, when the Welch's brought it up!!

BEAUTIFUL spring weather!!!

We have an investigator, named "V" who is SUPER AMAZING. She has been investigating for three years, but she is SO CLOSE!! She knows her next step is baptism. We are very excited to get to know her better and to work with her more!!!!

Have a great week ~ Love you all!

Sister Feil

Monday, February 20, 2017

Holy cannoli!

Hey All!!!

I cannot believe it, but I am about to start my final transfer of my mission... So very crazy. Also, after serving 7 1/2 months in Muncie, I will be leaving to go to Columbia City!

Playing around with the settings on my camera... lol

And I am super pumped because I have the blessing of training a new missionary there:).

My new baby... Sister Ferrell!!!

This week has been full of miracles... and Sister Carlile and I are really sad to be parting :( but are glad that we will still be able to see each other at Zone Conference! haha.

Parting is such sweet sorrow....
Glad we are still in the same zone... 

The weather has been totally INCREDIBLE the past couple of days.... like I am talking no tights or jackets necessary!!!! It has truly been wonderful. As a result, we walked a lot... and talked to absolutely EVERYONE we saw, and on Friday and Saturday we met SO MANY people who agreed to return appointments!!

Packing up... Sure going to miss all you guys!!!
Me, Sister Carlile, and our WONDERFUL friend Maddi!!!

We had the coolest experience yesterday. We went to contact a less active and I said the prayer before leaving the car... and I prayed specifically that we would find someone who is elect in the next few hours that would be excited to hear the gospel. Well... the less active member wasn't home  so we decided to knock on the doors of her neighbors, but had no luck until we got to "E's" door.

Me and Sister Carlile with "E" & "C"

"E" rooms with her friend "C," who is super religious. They saw we were church people and invited us inside. "E" expressed her desire to learn more about God, and as we shared scriptures with them, "C" said that she had prayed for positive people to be sent to her. They both said that they have steps they need to take to follow God but they aren't sure how. We talked powerfully about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how His church has been Restored, and they were both so happy! They are supper excited to have us back and are very ready to learn about the gospel.

One of my favorites...
Another one of my favorites!!!
Another FAVORITE!!

OH MY GOODNESS! God is amazing; and He answers our sincere and righteous prayers. I've prayed for so many things throughout my mission and the answers are coming! He has given me courage and faith that if I talk to absolutely everyone and always remember my purpose, I will be led to the elect!

Another favorite...
And another....
And another!!!

I feel so blessed and privileged to be an instrument in His hands... and this is a lesson I will keep with me for the rest of my life!!

And another favorite!!!

The gospel is the source of all true happiness... Just in case you were wondering. (:

I love you all!

Love, Sister Feil

Monday, February 13, 2017

Miracles on 22nd Street!!!


I went on exchanges with Sister Zollinger on Tuesday, and she is one of my favorite people ever. 

Me and Sister 'Z' in Pendleton

Wednesday we had interviews with President and Sister Welch, and they are straight up my favorite!!!! I had really good talks with both of them.

Our Valentine to President and Sister Welch...
With LOVE --- Sister Feil, the Deerslayer, & Sister Carlile

Friday I was on exchanges with Sister Jones, another one of my favorites!!

Me & Sister Jones...

We shared a really neat experience together on 22nd street in Muncie. We were contacting an old member referral that we found in the area book, and it ended up NOT being a good time for them (so we are going back later)... But we saw this guy outside with his dog, so naturally we went and started talking with him. As we were chatting, we learned that his name is 'Z', he is 20 years old (IN THE VERY AGE GROUP THAT WE HAVE JUST BEEN TRAINED TO FOCUS ON BY THE WAY!), and he is semi-religious but is very interested in having us back. He even wants to come and play basketball on Wednesday night at the church (Muncie wards do that every single Wednesday)... So cool! We are pumped:).

Practicing our Russian smiles :).

AND! On that same street, we met a man named 'B', and had one of the most powerful first contacts I have ever had! He shared with us that his wife had passed away three years ago and that he was still struggling with her loss. So we felt inspired to briefly teach and testify of The Plan of Salvation... and he talked about how he had hope that he would see his wife again at some point. Sister Jones asked him, "What would it mean to you to know you will see her again?" And he said, "It would mean everything to me!" We are going to visit him again tomorrow... and we are very excited.

The Zone...

We met a ton of potentials on that street... so we called it Miracle on 22nd Street --- haha.


Sunday night, there was a fireside that President and Sister Welch came to speak at, and they spoke on the principle of faith! It was amazing. They shared some incredible experiences that just got me so excited and pumped, and they were speaking directly to the youth to get them pumped for missionary work!!! The Welch's are the bomb.

Have a great week all!

Love, Sister Feil

Me, Sister Carlile, and & Sister Hogge!
The CUTEST senior couple EVER!!!
They're in our district so we get to talk to them weekly.... LOVE THEM!

Monday, February 6, 2017

This is The Place!!!

My Bishop here is always saying that Muncie 2nd ward is Zion... and I TOTALLY agree! This place is just AHMAZING and I am so happy to be here.

This week has been INCREDIBLE! Last Monday, I got to go to Jamba Juice For. The. First. Time. In. FOREVER (it's actually only been 17 months  lol)! OH BOY... All I can say is that it was SOOOOO DELICIOUS!

Us at Jamba Juice!!!!
Me and Maddi

Tuesday I got to be in Marion with Sister Nickel!!!! It was a blast. She led her area for the first time and totally rocked it. I almost cleared them out of taquitos, PLUS we learned to rap together and practiced a missionary rap! Yeah, cool stuff. We talked to so many people that day... it was a ton of fun:).

Wednesday, we had a fantastic district meeting!

The District

The elders brought all of the sisters chocolate roses, so that was cool! And, one of the elders gave me a raccoon tail because he is obsessed with taxidermy... so I now have a raccoon tail on my bag! Dogs love it... and I... well... I personally think it's kind of gross... so not sure why it's still on my bag haha.

The roses... Elder Robertson was also supposed to be in this picture - but he got cut off :(.

We also got to help our sweet friend, 'A', clean her walls, which ended up turning into a de-cluttering activity as well... and it was fun! And! We are now teaching 'B' again!! She has been super busy lately, and we FINALLY managed to get back in contact and she is excited to learn more about the gospel!

Friday, we had Mission Leadership Conference, so we drove to Centerville and had a CrAZy awesome meeting! So full of the Spirit! The Church has so many cool initiatives going on to help the work progress!

Thai food with Sister Carlile, Sister Slavens, and Sister Breeze!
Mother/daughter photo :).

And then Saturday was N's BAPTISM.... It was such a wonderful experience!!!

'N's' baptism :)

She got out of the water and said, "That felt really good!" And then when she was confirmed, it was during testimony meeting, so several people congratulated her over the pulpit... And one sister even went so far as to say how wonderful the sister missionaries are (SO VERY SWEET! What can I say? lol). But afterward 'N' came up to us, and she said, "Yeah, you guys are pretty amazing!" And gave us big hugs!

The ward has welcomed her so warmly! They have just taken her in, and it has been wonderful to see her grow and be nourished in the gospel. I LOVE IT!!!!

After the baptism Saturday, I went on exchanges with Sister Meacham, and we had so much fun.

On exchanges with Sister Meecham enjoying a delicious lunch with an AMAZING member!!!

We met a lady who lived in a convent for like 6 years before they kicked her out. She said she didn't feel loved or welcomed there and that she is currently experimenting with different churches! She is one of the coolest ladies I have ever met. We talked with her for quite a long time and she has the neatest story!

Well... Another very good week. Very Spirit filled. I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve God in this way!

Missionary experiences are out there... go find yours!!

Love ya!

Sister Feil, the deerslayer