Monday, February 13, 2017

Miracles on 22nd Street!!!


I went on exchanges with Sister Zollinger on Tuesday, and she is one of my favorite people ever. 

Me and Sister 'Z' in Pendleton

Wednesday we had interviews with President and Sister Welch, and they are straight up my favorite!!!! I had really good talks with both of them.

Our Valentine to President and Sister Welch...
With LOVE --- Sister Feil, the Deerslayer, & Sister Carlile

Friday I was on exchanges with Sister Jones, another one of my favorites!!

Me & Sister Jones...

We shared a really neat experience together on 22nd street in Muncie. We were contacting an old member referral that we found in the area book, and it ended up NOT being a good time for them (so we are going back later)... But we saw this guy outside with his dog, so naturally we went and started talking with him. As we were chatting, we learned that his name is 'Z', he is 20 years old (IN THE VERY AGE GROUP THAT WE HAVE JUST BEEN TRAINED TO FOCUS ON BY THE WAY!), and he is semi-religious but is very interested in having us back. He even wants to come and play basketball on Wednesday night at the church (Muncie wards do that every single Wednesday)... So cool! We are pumped:).

Practicing our Russian smiles :).

AND! On that same street, we met a man named 'B', and had one of the most powerful first contacts I have ever had! He shared with us that his wife had passed away three years ago and that he was still struggling with her loss. So we felt inspired to briefly teach and testify of The Plan of Salvation... and he talked about how he had hope that he would see his wife again at some point. Sister Jones asked him, "What would it mean to you to know you will see her again?" And he said, "It would mean everything to me!" We are going to visit him again tomorrow... and we are very excited.

The Zone...

We met a ton of potentials on that street... so we called it Miracle on 22nd Street --- haha.


Sunday night, there was a fireside that President and Sister Welch came to speak at, and they spoke on the principle of faith! It was amazing. They shared some incredible experiences that just got me so excited and pumped, and they were speaking directly to the youth to get them pumped for missionary work!!! The Welch's are the bomb.

Have a great week all!

Love, Sister Feil

Me, Sister Carlile, and & Sister Hogge!
The CUTEST senior couple EVER!!!
They're in our district so we get to talk to them weekly.... LOVE THEM!

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