Monday, January 30, 2017

Miracle Munsee!

This week has been so incredible!!!

Tuesday, we had Zone Conference in Fort Wayne, which is like a two hour drive from Muncie. The AP's called us the night before needing a projector (I guess their's got stolen?) and so Tuesday at like five in the morning, we stopped by the church to pick up a projector (therefore saving the day) and then picked up cinnamon rolls at Colcannon's and headed to Fort Wayne!!

It was crazy because we drove through Markle, which is a town in my very first area, and we passed right by the super cute antique mall where Sister Nicol and I used to occasionally shop on p-days!!! Of course I just HAD to stop and take a few pictures... And I literally cried  —  haha.

Zone Conference was amazing!! Remember how I hit a deer a couple of weeks ago? Well, President Welch made a few references to that experience during the conference, and then after lunch, when the office elders were handing out awards for the cleanest cars, President called me up and awarded me with a Deer Permit that "certified the harvest of one deer."

So... I have gotten a lot of 'deer' jokes since I hit the deer...
President Welch and the AP's called me up in front of everyone at Zone Conference...
And presented me with a "Deer Permit"...
The AP's made the certificate for me and President signed it! It was HILARIOUS. I was straight up dying. Now I never talk to President without making some sort of deer reference! It's great:).


Wednesday blew my mind!! We drove to Marion to meet up with our district and watch the General Missionary Broadcast about schedule changes... And the changes are totally AWESOME! They basically allow us to get more sleep and work more effectively throughout the day. They are truly amazing, and I am super pumped!!

That same day, we met one of our former investigator's 'L' from Vietnam. And the cool thing is we found a Vietnamese Book of Mormon in our apartment... MIRACLES!!!

Friday we went to meet 'B,' a member referral, and she invited us right in! We spent a little time getting to know her, and then shared a quick message. Afterwards, she told us that for two weeks she had just been miserable, and that that very morning she had prayed and asked God for help. She felt stuck and didn't know how to move forward... And then we showed up. She pointed out to us that it was a sign from God that we were sent to her door. She is so cool and we are very excited to go back!!

We contacted another member referral named 'B,' and he is also really cool. He is very open and willing to learn! He is currently going through a divorce and is seeking for peace in his life... He has committed to read 'The Restoration' pamphlet and we are going back in a week to have a formal lesson.

Saturday, 'C' from Dunkirk got baptized! That was super neat. She is such a special lady.

We also went to MADDI OWEN'S birthday dinner at Olive Garden!!! Shout out to Maddi! Woot Woot!! 20 years old and perfect, too ;).

Yesterday was AWESOME... and full of lots of meetings. But 'N' came to church and is so EXCITED for her baptism this Saturday... As am I!!!

Something Elder Bednar said during the Missionary Broadcast was that "[Missionaries] hallow the home of every door [we] knock on." That has really stuck with me all week! Every time I knock on a door, I think of how God truly has a plan for EVERYONE. Whoever we meet, they all have a story, and God knows them and loves them and is guiding them to truth. Perhaps now is not their time, but their time will come and they will have little spiritual experiences to guide them to listening to us one day ).

I love God's plan for all of His children!! He loves you and don't you forget it!!

Love, Sister Feil

Monday, January 23, 2017

Happy in Him!

Hey all! Another fantastic week. They just keep getting better and better:).

Me and Sister Carlile

Wednesday, Sister Carlile and I had the opportunity to speak at our ward's New Beginnings for Young Women. It was so awesome!!! Took me back to the time I used to be a Young Woman... hahaha.

We also went on two exchanges this week... so I had the pleasure of serving with Sister Boyce on Tuesday and then Sister Bennett on Friday!! And I held a ginormous snake at one of their recent convert's homes... CRAZY!!! Sister Bennett had told me she held the snake and so I figured if she could hold it, then I could find the courage to hold it, too, so BAM!!!

Me... being brave - LOL!

SATURDAY was SO AMAZING because 'K' was baptized!!

K's baptism!!!
Oh... Happy Day!

And her service was SO SO GOOD. She had invited me to speak on the Holy Ghost, but the day before her baptism, I completely lost my voice. Then my voice was extremely hoarse the morning of, and then magically, I was able to speak normally at her baptism, and then my voice left me again the next day... one of many TENDER MERCIES from the Lord!!

This cute girl brings the BIGGEST smile to my face!!!

'K' was so happy and excited!!! She had lots of family come to her baptism, and it was just plain AWESOME.

While the Elders were giving the missionary presentation, I started tearing up because of how strong the Spirit was. My testimony of Joseph Smith just grew that much more that day.

I am truly thankful for the gospel... it has impacted my life so much in so many different ways!

Seeing 'K' and the way she lights up whenever we have gospel discussions just puts the biggest smile on my face! Seeing the gospel touch others and change others is such a JOYFUL experience, and it's one that I am excited to witness throughout the rest of my life!

God knows us each individually. He does. And He is anxious to give us the aid we need. So turn to Him! I read in the scriptures this morning to be "happy in Him." So that's my advice to all!

Love, Sister Feil

Monday, January 16, 2017

Oh deer!

Hey all!

So this week was intense. I got my new companion, Sister Carlile, and I love her SO MUCH!! Like really. She and I are so similar, its weird. It's ALMOST like being companion's with myself  —  Haha! She has been wonderful, and we are having lots of fun serving together!

Sister Carlile and I!!!

This week we saw so many miracles. We had a good number of meetings, including driving down to Cincinnati for our Leadership meeting. Because we live so far away, us and the Fort Wayne sisters get to drive down the night before and spend the night in the mission home. Kind of cool this time because I slept in the very same bed that I slept in when I first went to the mission home at the start of my mission... So crazy!!

Sister Littleford is the BEST!

Leadership was AMAZING... such a spiritual experience!! And one of my MOST FAVORITE people, Sister Evensen was there, so that made it even cooler!

Now GET THIS: I was driving back to Indiana with the Fort Wayne sisters and I may or may not have hit a deer.... The darn thing completely popped out of nowhere!!! I was driving along and all of the sudden — he came bounding out into the road right in our path! I immediately hit the brakes and then turned the wheel and did my very best to do all I could to try and avoid him --- but sadly to no avail. I hit him. He died. :'(

After we hit the deer!!!

BUT! Here is the miracle: there was absolutely NO DAMAGE to the car or to any of us riding in the car! None! Zip! So yeah, HUGE MIRACLE. Apparently, it's also the talk of the mission that I hit a deer... OH DEER!

Saturday, I had the privilege of working with the Muncie 1 sisters because Sister Carlile was in Ohio for a baptism, and that was a lot fun!! Sister Boyce is the new sister, and she and Sister Meecham are just so fantastic.

And we have a FABULOUS week ahead!! 'K' is getting baptized on Saturday, woo hoo!!!!!!
I love being a missionary!! This work is God's work and it is so much fun!!!!

I love you all! Have a great week!!!

Love Sister Feil

PS Look what we (her family) received this week!!! We are SO EXCITED... but Sister Feil doesn't even want to think about her time as a missionary coming to an end because she has LOVED IT SO MUCH!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year!!!

Hello everyone!!!

I hope y'all had a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! Like, it's 2017 yo! I cannot even believe it. Where does the time go? Like, not too long ago I was a new missionary and now it's the year I go home! CRAZY. Thank goodness I still have three months left!!

This week was SO BUSY that I don't even know where to begin. 'B' and 'K' are doing so well! They are really excited for 'K's baptism this month! She is just the sweetest little girl... I love her so much!

Another one of our investigators, 'N' is also progressing very well! She came to church again on Sunday and loved it. She is so sincere and just has the best questions. She said she loves it when we come over because she is learning so much and it is really neat to see! My favorite part of being a missionary is watching others get excited and change because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!! I think about how much I have changed as I have applied the Doctrine of Christ in my life as a missionary and I get excited to think that I have a lifetime to continue to do so... It's AWESOME!!!

Our New Year's Eve day was completely INCREDIBLE. Camille, a member of the YSA Branch here, got baptized - YAY!!

Camille's baptism...
This was so FUN!!! And these are some of my MOST favorite missionaries....
And Camille is going to be my companion for a little bit next week!

And then we went and helped one of our ward member's move, and afterwards they took us out to dinner. And of course, Sister Cook and I played my mini UNO card game (which I played last New Year's Eve, too)! And then we had church on New Year's day! Woo hoo!
I am so thankful for this work, and I know that it is God's work. His plan for everyone is perfect!! And I feel so blessed to be one of His tools in bringing forth the work of salvation. I absolutely love it!!!

Some sad news though... Sister Cook is now finished with her mission so she will be leaving me tomorrow!!!! I guess it is also happy news because she gets to return to her family:).

In the meantime (because transfers are not until next week) - I will be drifting between my friends Camille (she's the one who just got baptized!), and Maddi, and will also be trio-ing at times with Sister Meecham and Sister Evans! It's gonna be insane.

But I love and will miss Sister Cook!!!! Can't believe the transfer is already coming to an end...

Have a great week!

Love, Sister Feil