Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year!!!

Hello everyone!!!

I hope y'all had a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! Like, it's 2017 yo! I cannot even believe it. Where does the time go? Like, not too long ago I was a new missionary and now it's the year I go home! CRAZY. Thank goodness I still have three months left!!

This week was SO BUSY that I don't even know where to begin. 'B' and 'K' are doing so well! They are really excited for 'K's baptism this month! She is just the sweetest little girl... I love her so much!

Another one of our investigators, 'N' is also progressing very well! She came to church again on Sunday and loved it. She is so sincere and just has the best questions. She said she loves it when we come over because she is learning so much and it is really neat to see! My favorite part of being a missionary is watching others get excited and change because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!! I think about how much I have changed as I have applied the Doctrine of Christ in my life as a missionary and I get excited to think that I have a lifetime to continue to do so... It's AWESOME!!!

Our New Year's Eve day was completely INCREDIBLE. Camille, a member of the YSA Branch here, got baptized - YAY!!

Camille's baptism...
This was so FUN!!! And these are some of my MOST favorite missionaries....
And Camille is going to be my companion for a little bit next week!

And then we went and helped one of our ward member's move, and afterwards they took us out to dinner. And of course, Sister Cook and I played my mini UNO card game (which I played last New Year's Eve, too)! And then we had church on New Year's day! Woo hoo!
I am so thankful for this work, and I know that it is God's work. His plan for everyone is perfect!! And I feel so blessed to be one of His tools in bringing forth the work of salvation. I absolutely love it!!!

Some sad news though... Sister Cook is now finished with her mission so she will be leaving me tomorrow!!!! I guess it is also happy news because she gets to return to her family:).

In the meantime (because transfers are not until next week) - I will be drifting between my friends Camille (she's the one who just got baptized!), and Maddi, and will also be trio-ing at times with Sister Meecham and Sister Evans! It's gonna be insane.

But I love and will miss Sister Cook!!!! Can't believe the transfer is already coming to an end...

Have a great week!

Love, Sister Feil

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