Monday, December 26, 2016

It's a WONDERFUL life!

Hey all!

This week has been psycho busy!! Muncie's literally on fire. Like I am looking for a hose.... haha lol.

We got to see all of our favorites this week!! 'N' and 'J' are progressing well. We taught them the Plan of Salvation on Monday with Sister Spaulding, and it went super well! 'N' especially loves that her family can be eternal. We went back on Friday to watch Meet the Mormons with them. Following that, we got to answer some question about our missions and then 'N' said, "Oh, by the way, we talked about it, and we do want to get baptized!" Sister Cook and I love this family so much. It has been a JOY to teach them. We are going to go see them tonight and we are pumped!! They have been prepared for this WONDERFUL message of the restored gospel and are so ready to accept it!

We saw 'K' and 'B' on Tuesday, and they are doing so well! 'K' is just the brightest little nine year old I have ever met!! We have gotten pretty close with her and her mom. One of these days I will remember to snap a picture with them!!

Wednesday I got to spend the day with the lovely Sister Meecham, and we just had so much FUN serving together in the Munice 1 area!!! I was starting to get a little sick though, and then on Thursday I was like mega sick:(. So that day, I rested as much as I could.

Thankfully, I was feeling better by Friday, which was our Christmas Conference!!! We met up with the Fort Wayne, Muncie, and Dayton stakes and we had a talent show, played some games and then had a Christmas Devotional. It wasWONDERFUL!!! I just have so much love for the missionaries in this area!!!

OMC pic of LIGHTtheWORLD Christmas Conference in Muncie...
A WONDERFUL day of being fed both in body and spirit!

I got to see my BABY Sister Evensen which is always a good time.

Ah yeah. Saturday was Christmas Eve!! We went to the Spauldings for lunch, and I just love their family so much. We had a BLAST! Ate good food, and a great dessert, played catch phrase... it was FABULOUS.

Following that, Sister Cook and I went to a women's shelter and we cooked up some sides for their Christmas dinner. It was so AWESOME!!!

Later that day we went to the Roger's for dinner, and let me just say, their kids LOVE me. We were pretending to be tornadoes and it was FANTASTIC.

Sunday was Christmas! We had an hour long church service, and afterwards, Sister Cook and I went and visited our good friends 'R', Sister Baker, Brother Barrage, and 'R', and they were just so DELIGHTFUL!!!!

Then we got to SKYPE HOME!! And can I say that I just LOVE my family?!? I even took selfies with my parents. Yup... That's right.

My mom...
and my dad!

It was really awesome getting to talk with my entire family, and being able to share in the JOY and HAPPINESS as my new little nephew, Asher, was blessed!!!!! That was such a special moment for me!!!!

Love my family so much!
Us being silly... haha!

We had dinner with the Overseers, and then we went and played a few rounds of ping pong.

GOOD TIMES!! Another GREAT Christmas!!! And 2017 is almost here... crazy!!!

Well, I love ya all!!!! Have a FABULOUS week!!

Love, Sister Feil

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