Monday, December 12, 2016


Hey all! This week was so crazy... Crazy AWESOME that is!!!

Sister Evensen and I

On Tuesday, I had the WONDERFUL opportunity to go to the beautiful Columbus temple! My baby, Sister Evensen, and I got to reunite for the day and support our dear friend Sister 'R' as she went through the temple for the very first time, and as she was sealed to her family for time and all eternity!!!!

What an INCREDIBLE day!!!

Oh my goodness... it was such a spiritual experience. Sister 'R' is a miracle. And I got to see some of my Eastgate friends as well, so that was SUPER fun:).

Wednesday night, we drove with the Fort Wayne sisters to Cincinnati for our leadership conference the next day. It was so revelatory!!! I learned so many amazing things that are going to help me with my missionary work and therefore with the missionaries that we will be training. This truly is God's work and we cannot do it without His help! He is in charge and we are the tools. I am so pumped and ready to work harder than I ever have before during these final months of my mission. No time to waste!

Quote from the OCM Facebook page: "LIGHTtheWORLD Day 7 ~ 'Jesus fed the hungry and so can you.' Tonight I fed these beautiful sisters who traveled from Fort Wayne & Muncie, IN to the mission home for Mission Leadership Council in the morning... Just visiting with them feeds my soul. #OCM"

Friday I spent the day in Anderson, Indiana with Sister Bennett... We saw so many miracles that day! We found a solid new investigator and also some solid potentials. And we taught the Restoration to this cute couple and it went so well! The Spirit was there in great abundance and 'B' and 'E' have such soft hearts that are ready to learn more about the gospel. It was a WONDERFUL day (snow and all - lol)!!

And Saturday we had a Ward Christmas Brunch! And 'R' and 'N' came!! It was AWESOME. So much fun. So it was a great week! I love this work and feel so blessed to be a part of it.

Our first Christmas gift! (Thanks 'K'!)

This is such a WONDERFUL time of the year, because families get together and love just circles around everywhere. I love the people of Muncie!! And I know God is aware of each indivdual everywhere. He loves us. I know that He has carried me every step of my mission!! And He will carry all of you if you extend your hand towards Him!

Love you all!

Sister Feil

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