Monday, January 23, 2017

Happy in Him!

Hey all! Another fantastic week. They just keep getting better and better:).

Me and Sister Carlile

Wednesday, Sister Carlile and I had the opportunity to speak at our ward's New Beginnings for Young Women. It was so awesome!!! Took me back to the time I used to be a Young Woman... hahaha.

We also went on two exchanges this week... so I had the pleasure of serving with Sister Boyce on Tuesday and then Sister Bennett on Friday!! And I held a ginormous snake at one of their recent convert's homes... CRAZY!!! Sister Bennett had told me she held the snake and so I figured if she could hold it, then I could find the courage to hold it, too, so BAM!!!

Me... being brave - LOL!

SATURDAY was SO AMAZING because 'K' was baptized!!

K's baptism!!!
Oh... Happy Day!

And her service was SO SO GOOD. She had invited me to speak on the Holy Ghost, but the day before her baptism, I completely lost my voice. Then my voice was extremely hoarse the morning of, and then magically, I was able to speak normally at her baptism, and then my voice left me again the next day... one of many TENDER MERCIES from the Lord!!

This cute girl brings the BIGGEST smile to my face!!!

'K' was so happy and excited!!! She had lots of family come to her baptism, and it was just plain AWESOME.

While the Elders were giving the missionary presentation, I started tearing up because of how strong the Spirit was. My testimony of Joseph Smith just grew that much more that day.

I am truly thankful for the gospel... it has impacted my life so much in so many different ways!

Seeing 'K' and the way she lights up whenever we have gospel discussions just puts the biggest smile on my face! Seeing the gospel touch others and change others is such a JOYFUL experience, and it's one that I am excited to witness throughout the rest of my life!

God knows us each individually. He does. And He is anxious to give us the aid we need. So turn to Him! I read in the scriptures this morning to be "happy in Him." So that's my advice to all!

Love, Sister Feil

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