Monday, January 16, 2017

Oh deer!

Hey all!

So this week was intense. I got my new companion, Sister Carlile, and I love her SO MUCH!! Like really. She and I are so similar, its weird. It's ALMOST like being companion's with myself  —  Haha! She has been wonderful, and we are having lots of fun serving together!

Sister Carlile and I!!!

This week we saw so many miracles. We had a good number of meetings, including driving down to Cincinnati for our Leadership meeting. Because we live so far away, us and the Fort Wayne sisters get to drive down the night before and spend the night in the mission home. Kind of cool this time because I slept in the very same bed that I slept in when I first went to the mission home at the start of my mission... So crazy!!

Sister Littleford is the BEST!

Leadership was AMAZING... such a spiritual experience!! And one of my MOST FAVORITE people, Sister Evensen was there, so that made it even cooler!

Now GET THIS: I was driving back to Indiana with the Fort Wayne sisters and I may or may not have hit a deer.... The darn thing completely popped out of nowhere!!! I was driving along and all of the sudden — he came bounding out into the road right in our path! I immediately hit the brakes and then turned the wheel and did my very best to do all I could to try and avoid him --- but sadly to no avail. I hit him. He died. :'(

After we hit the deer!!!

BUT! Here is the miracle: there was absolutely NO DAMAGE to the car or to any of us riding in the car! None! Zip! So yeah, HUGE MIRACLE. Apparently, it's also the talk of the mission that I hit a deer... OH DEER!

Saturday, I had the privilege of working with the Muncie 1 sisters because Sister Carlile was in Ohio for a baptism, and that was a lot fun!! Sister Boyce is the new sister, and she and Sister Meecham are just so fantastic.

And we have a FABULOUS week ahead!! 'K' is getting baptized on Saturday, woo hoo!!!!!!
I love being a missionary!! This work is God's work and it is so much fun!!!!

I love you all! Have a great week!!!

Love Sister Feil

PS Look what we (her family) received this week!!! We are SO EXCITED... but Sister Feil doesn't even want to think about her time as a missionary coming to an end because she has LOVED IT SO MUCH!

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