Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Holy cow I am two months old today... Time flies by so fast, it's insane!

So this letter is not going to be very long because I'm Running Out of (computer) Time....

Sister Nicol and I attended a baby shower of someone in the branch on Saturday, and it was awesome! We got to meet some nonmembers and even handed out a book of mormon.

For one of our dinner appointments this week, we went to Pizza Hut (which is pretty much considered a 'high-end' restaurant here — haha) and the sister that took us is awesome! She brought along her twin and they were so sunny together, I was cracking up the entire time.
Sister Nicol and I with Sister Stibblefield and her darling twin sister at Pizza Hut... These ladies are SO ADORABLE!!!
(Sorry the pic is blurry)

We had another dinner appointment with a less active, and we briefly mentioned that we only get a certain amount of money on our MSF cards every two weeks for groceries and things (we do a lot of our own cooking) and she was like, "WHAT!?! That's not enough!" And so she sent us home with paper towels, toothpaste, a little food and some other stuff! She was so sweet! And then the next night, she called us and said that she and her daughter were at the store and asked us if we'd like some popcorn and a couple of other things... Of course we didn't turn them down! And then they came to drop it off at our apartment and turns out they literally bought us a ton of food that should last us through the next month. It was like Christmas came early — WaHoo! They were so sweet to help us out! That was (probably) the highlight of the week!
Groceries a sweet sister in our branch bought and brought to us!
Early Merry Christmas to us!!!

Funny story! On Thursday this week, the wind was crazy insane! Like we thought a tornado was on its way, and then we thought we heard sirens and we were a little scared and I thought we were going to die! So we called an investigator and she told us that what we were hearing was trains, not sirens, and that we would be fine. Haha — Guess I'm just a little worry wart!

Anyways, the Atonement is real. With it, we can become better versions of ourselves with every passing day, and be on the path to reach our full potential that God knows we can reach. Continue to pray and repent, and always always always act on the revelation you receive so that you can improve in a way that will benefit your life. Keep on keeping on. (:

Have a blessed week!

Love, Sister Feil

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