Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween and other stuff...

Hey everyone!

This week was a crazy busy week for Sister Nicol and I! Monday was cool because Decatur has this huge event every year called the Callithumphian Parade (it's a lot like the Candy Cane Lane parade at home in Visalia) and it occurred that night! It is such a big event... like HUGE! Absolutely everyone goes to it and the funny thing is that we discovered that Deactur isn't nearly as small as we thought it was — haha!

Anyways, Sister Nicol and I were riding bikes during our Pday time...

Selfie I took riding my bike... literally almost crashed trying to take it. I don't recommend taking pics while riding a bike!
Our bike ride view

...which happened to be right during the time people were setting up for the parade and one of the golf carts was pulling a trailer full of bags of popcorn and some fell out. They didn't look back, slow down, stop or come back to retrieve it, so we did the only thing we could possibly do and saved that poor popcorn by taking it home with us and giving it a place to stay (haha).

'Saving' the popcorn

After Pday was over, we went to the parade and talked to quite a few people. It was pretty cool.

Tuesday we had zone conference...and it was AMAZING! President Porter and his wife are incredible teachers, and I learned so much from them that day!

My cute companion and me

Wednesday was the branch 'Trunk or Treat,' and literally this branch goes all out! Every year they decorate a room in the church to be a 'haunted' room and this year they had a lot of decorations so they decided to set it up in the chapel (our building is very small and doesn't have a cultural hall and we use foldable chairs for church and such) and so literally there was a haunted maze in the chapel... it was definitely INTERESTING. I felt kind of weird about it but the branch loved it! There were a ton of people who attended this activity... so that was super great!

Branch 'Trunk or Treat' activity... Bet you all want to know what kind of toothpaste we use - lol!!

Thursday, we weekly planned, and, because we had run out of miles in our car, we walked everywhere that day. While walking, we came across a house that was decorated to look like a haunted face, and when we were taking pics in front of it, a little girl said "hi" to us from across the street. She was with her older sister and her grandma, and we immediately went over to talk with them, and they were interested! We have met with them every day this week and they even came to church with us this past Sunday! It was awesome! They are some of the sweetest girls, and that was definitely the miracle of the week:).

The scary house with the 'Haunted' face that led us to meeting our new investigators!

Friday was the genealogy night at the church, and that was totally cool! Sister Linksy is a genealogical genius — haha. There was a lot of great food there, too! We helped Sister Linksy make some pies... so I made my first ever apple pie (made with buckets of butter and sugar — it was completely the opposite experience of everything my mother ever taught me about baking in making that pie.... there were no 'healthy substitutions' or 'let's cut the sugar and/or fat in half,' etc., — sorry mom!! lol) but yeah, that was so much fun and that pie turned out to be really quite delicious.

Saturday was Halloween! We went to our good friend Sister Gimbel's home and read an amazing talk with her, and then we stayed for a bit as she passed out candy. We returned to our apartment early (7PM) and pretty much tried to spend the evening doing productive things, so I just did a lot of extra studying because studying is the best! I literally cherish my study time because I learn so much!

Yesterday was awesome because Sister Nicol and I had a lot of places to go to reach our weekly goals, and we were able to reach them! We taught 11 quality lessons, and it felt SOOOOO GOOD. Being productive is seriously the greatest. Today we will be going to play basketball with our zone in Huntington, and I am pretty stoked for that!!! Woo hoO!

In closing, I just want to encourage everybody to choose faith. I tell myself those two words every day. Having faith really makes the greatest difference in everything. And it is a choice. So choose faith! I promise something totally amazing will happen!

Have a great week all!

Love, Sister Feil

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