Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

So sorry — but once again this is going to be short...  I am still trying to get this computer-time thing all figured out!

Wednesday we had the WEIRDEST. LESSON. EVER. We met with this guy (whom we had met a few weeks earlier), who is this 22 year old gamer who we found out has been arrested a few times. He was trying to impress us by telling us he had been in fights and stuff. We started asking him inspired questions and asked what made him happy. He said, "Well, beautiful women make me happy!" Aaaaand it was kind of awkward. After the lesson he asked us if we had a Facebook. And it was weird. The Spirit left that lesson so fast... and so did we! It was SO NOT GOOD.

As you all know, this past week was THANKSGIVING and Sister Nicol and I were invited to Sister Linksy's for dinner. There were a few other members from our branch there as well, along with Elder and Sister Ellinger (senior couple). We didn't have turkey, but we had some delicious ham and mashed potatoes and it was mmm mmm good!

Me, Sister Hendricks, and Sister Nicol — right before Thanksgiving dinner

Saturday we went on exchanges in Huntington and that was so awesome! Our STL's are the best!! I love them so much!!

On exchanges!!!

Yay for busy Sundays!! We had a member baptism right after church (at which Sister Nicol and I both spoke), and then we had a Bishop Vision Meeting immediately following that. Unfortunately, we got the starting time wrong (the meeting was earlier than we thought) so we went into it not being as prepared as we would have liked. I was supposed to lead but I had no idea how as I have only been to one meeting like this before and couldn't remember many specifics about it! So I followed the Spirit, and Sister Nicol graciously helped me out — as she knew how those meetings were supposed to go. I was super stressed, but it ended up being an awesome meeting and the ZL's even said it was one of the best meetings they had been to in that branch.

The weather has been pretty good. The snow has melted, and it is cold, but not as cold as it was the first time it snowed!

Spiritual thought for the week... At zone meeting on Friday, we talked about the mission tour we had last week. The thing we mainly discussed was love. Loving the people you serve and those you serve with is the most essential factor in missionary work. We are missionaries because we love God, and as representatives of Christ, we must love as He and Heavenly Father love. When we can view others as Christ views them, then and only then can we really help them and guide them as they learn about the gospel and about how they can find true happiness in their lives. We can't make others change, but we can love others, and through our example they will want to change. Love is key. So keep calm and love on (:

Love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Feil

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