Monday, November 9, 2015

Halfway done with training!!!!

Hey everybody!

So this week is transfers, and thankfully I get to stay with my lovely companion, Sister Nicol, for at least one more transfer!!! 
Woo hoo! And It's official — I am halfway done with training!!! Yay! It seriously has gone by so fast so far... it's crazy!

Anyways, this letter won't be very long, but pretty much this has been another amazing week!
Wednesday we had specialized training in Ft. Wayne, and afterwards we went to Chick-fil-A for lunch and it was awesome because I love Chick-fil-A!!
Another cool thing about Ft. Wayne: part of our area covers the south end of it, and we were doing some work there and came across this little mini city. Like, literally, it was a miniature city, with a McDonalds and Pizza Hut and streets that were much smaller than they should be.
The mini city was fenced in, but there was a police officer locking it up and so we went up and asked her about it. She said it's used for field trips to teach children about safety.
Her name was Joyce and she was so nice, she actually gave us a tour of it — so we got some cool pictures.
Selfie with Joyce - the officer who gave us the tour of the miniature city :)
Saturday, Sister Nicol and I got together with the Senior couple missionaries in our area, the Ellingers, and they came with us to some lessons and then took us to dinner. We went to Cracker Barrel in Ft. Wayne and we had such a great time! The Ellinger's are the best, and they were so kind to take some of their free time to come work with us. It was the greatest.

So, a member invited us to his house for lunch yesterday and fed us some bear... that he had hunted himself. Last week, he cooked up some deer he had hunted and invited us to try that. And I gotta tell you, they are both really good! Haha! Never thought I'd ever be able to say that I've eaten bear, but there you go!
Quite possibly the bear I ate... (this was in the member's home who fed us BEAR!)
Okay, funny story... we were in Berne trying to contact a less active, and they weren't home so we decided to try talking with their neighbors. Their neighbors were this cute old couple from Guatemala. They have lived in America for about 28 years and are mainly Spanish speakers! But they invited us in and showed us picture of their children and grandchildren. Before we left we asked if we could pray with them, and they grabbed our hands, soo... I held a boys hand!!!! It was awesome though — he prayed in Spanish for us, and they were like squeezing our hands the whole time and it was great.
This was the cute couple from Guatemala... aka I held his hand.
Anyways, have a blessed week!

Love you all!

Sister Feil
"Eternity Ahead!"

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  1. Love the pictures!! So fun to see how things are going!