Monday, October 17, 2016

Transfers!!! Again??? Time is going WAY TOO FAST!

Well... It's been another busy week!

That's a groundhog...

I went on exchanges with Sister Eckstrom on Tuesday and an exchange with Sister Jones on Friday. Those were super fun!


We had interviews with President and Sister Welch on Wednesday and that is ALWAYS a good time. I certainly love those two! They are so focused on helping connect us more with God and it is just the encouragement that this mission needs! I love it!

Happy Fall!

Friday was fantastic. After an awesome exchange, we all gathered together at the church to set up for 'T's' baptism!! It was so special. His family was able to come, and Sister Hansen and Elder Swainston played a beautiful musical number. 'T's' sister, 'W,' said the opening prayer and prayed that he would only have to get "dunked one time..." And he did!

'T's' baptism!

He said the closing prayer, and it was short and sweet and he CRIED! He prayed for some touching things and was so thankful for his opportunity to be baptized and then he choked a bit  and we looked up and he was crying (only a little bit but still...)!!! 'W' said she had never seen him cry before, and she is his sister... haha. It was totally AMAZING.

We also had the privilege and opportunity to see him get confirmed and receive the priesthood. He is doing awesome!!!!

My shoes are inside his shoes...

Well...  This week is transfers AGAIN! Sister Hansen is leaving me:(. She is going to train someone somewhere in Kentucky.

We are the princess and the pauper

My new companion is Sister Cook! I haven't met her yet but I have heard great things so I am excited!! Transfer ten y'all, 'ere it comes!!!


The Church is true and the book is blue!

Love you all, Sister Feil

I'm going to miss my Sister Hansen!

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