Monday, October 24, 2016


Hey all!

This week has been incredible. Sister Cook and I saw so much grace, it was insane!

Us with the Activity Day girls!

Oh, by the way, Sister Cook is my new companion! She is 24 years old, graduated from Utah State, taught six graders for a year and is literally the sweetest person ever. She is just such a light to everyone we talk to and it is so fun being her companion!! We have learned a lot from each other already... She is FABULOUS!

A limerick and treat we left for our Muncie 1st Ward Sisters...

Anyways! We met a lot of cool people this week! One lady speaks spanish and her son was translating for us and it was so cool. She really wants to come to church... Unfortunately, work took her away from being able to come yesterday, but we will be seeing her later this week!

'R' came to church!! And loved it! We will be seeing her everyday this week, and we are extending November 12th for baptism! She is going through a lot right now and Sister Cook and I just know that coming to understand the gospel will bring her so much needed peace. I just love her a lot.

And 'B' is someone who SO DESPERATELY wants an eternal family and she knows she can only have that through the gospel of Jesus Christ, so we are going to help her prepare for baptism in November as well! She is feeding us dinner tonight, I am so excited!!

Oh, and 'T's baptism was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G last week and now we have started the new member lessons with him... SO PUMPED!!

Well, the Trunk or Treat Chili Cook-Off was this week and it was AWESOME. Also... We got to sit in a corvette! Kind of funny how that happened... We were getting ready to do service for one of our members and his neighbor pulled up and said we could sit in his car if we wanted   so we did! ha.

Me in a corvette... first and last time???

A very good week! Loved it! Love missionary work! Love my companion! Love my area! Love my sisters! Love Maddi Owen! haha.


Have great week all!

Love, Sister Feil 

P.S. My general letter is called 'Robinhood' because our church building is on Robinwood, but Sister Cook thought it was Robinhood - lol!

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