Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy. Hallow. Ween...


This week was fabulous. Monday night our investigator 'B' fed us chicken, noodles and mashed potatoes... It was SO DELICIOUS!!! And she is SO ELECT! We can only see her once a week because of her crazy schedule  but she has such a great desire to learn:).

We are so cute... :)

Also, we saw our friend 'R' every day this week. She even came to church Sunday (it was her third time)! We taught her about the law of tithing on Saturday and then the next day she brought her pennies to church and was like, "I have my pennies! How do I donate?" It was so cute!! She said, "I need the blessings!" Her faith is increasing so much, her countenance is changing and she is so much happier!!! It makes me so happy to see the change in her because of the gospel. Love it... love it... love it!!!

Friday I went on exchanges with Sister Bennett, the new sister in Anderson and she is wonderful!!! We just had the greatest day and it was so fun getting to know her!

Sister Dustup had a caterpillar on her forehead... say what?????

Saturday the elders had a baptism! 'L' is so funny, and we have become very good friends with her! Sister Cook and I got to do the missionary presentation so we were able to attend and IT WAS AWESOME!

"L's" baptism!

We have met so many elect people... I wish I had more time to talk about them all! Why is it that I always seem to be running short on time? Lol

Our recent convert 'T' and his adorable son, 'B.'

I hope you all have a fabulous week and a happy halloween!!!!!!

Missionary work is the greatest, and this gospel is the greatest. I am so happy to be here in Muncie with Sister Cook and to be sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone!

Not sure why this photo is SOOO BLURRY!!!

Church is true and the Book is blue!

Love, Sister Feil

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