Monday, September 26, 2016

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Hello! This week has been insane! O.K. Let's be real... pretty much every week is insaneLOL.
Teaching primary!!

 The Anderson sisters came to Muncie for our exchanges on Tuesday and that was fun! I was with Sister Hartvigsen and it was a good time. We also had a great lesson with 'T' that night. He is progressing well and is excited for his baptism!! We were in a trio for a few hours with Sister Compton because we needed a third female so we could go to his lesson...

Sister Hartvigsen and I on exchanges...
On our way to visit 'T'

We had another lesson with 'T' on Wednesday and taught him about the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was a powerful lesson! He is changing so much, I love to watch as the gospel changes people and helps them become happier and brighter.

Thursday night was crazy.… Sister Hansen and I doubled booked ourselves and had two really important lessons at six o'clock, so she went with a member to help an investigator with some weeding and I was at the church with a member and we helped 'T' begin his family history!! Apparently he is super into genealogy already so he is really excited to prepare names for the temple!

When we walk through Muncie...

Friday was crazy! I was on exchanges with Sister Parker in Muncie and all four of our appointments fell through... so we were contacting ALL DAY and we were so exhausted by the end but we met some really cool people!!!

Sister Parker made friends with a tin man.
Me and the tin man...

Saturday was wonderful! We met with this lady named 'R' who is amazing. We love her! We gave her a copy of the book of Mormon and she is really excited to read! Every lesson we have with her is so spiritual and powerful. She is so elect!

Later that night was the GENERAL WOMENS SESSION OF CONFERENCE!! It was amazing... Sister Hansen and I were so pumped and we learned so much!!! My testimony grew so much about prophets. When President Uchtdorf said that President Monson was crying because of how much he loved the sisters  I felt it in my heart that he really is a prophet called by God to lead and guide us!!! I know that is true! And I am so thankful that God loves me and everyone enough to bless us with prophets. I truly know that if we heed their counsel we will not be lead astray and we can live spiritually healthy and happy lives! AHHHH man. I love this church... and I love the Gospel!

Driving a tractor ;)

Sunday was a great day. Our Bishop invited us to be the guests at Bishop's Youth Discussion and basically we had like a 'Q and A' for the missionaries. It was way fun! Sister Hansen and I got to talk about our missions with the youth in our ward for like an hour!!

After district meeting!

Funny story of the week... I had an epic blonde moment when we were having dinner at the Bishop's house and his wife made Hawaiian haystacks. Those little dried noodle thingys that you put on haystacks were in a cashew container, and so I was like, "Wait, these are chopped cashews?!" In my defense I was also super exhausted by that point in the day... but that family is NEVER gonna let me live that down! They all thought it was EXTREMELY funny... and I guess now that I think about it — it just might actually have been a tad humorous — Hahaha!

Have a great week all :).

Love, Sister Feil

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