Monday, September 5, 2016

Transfers... Reflections... and a few birthday pics!!!

Hello! This is going to be super short because P-day is almost over and we gotta go clean._.

This week has been awesome. It started off a little sad, because we lost two great missionaries in the zone... they completed their missions and had to go home a week early in order to make it back in time for school. As a result, Sister Ferrera's companion, Sister Compton, joined Sister Hansen and I for the week... so we were in a TRIO! Working two areas! It was REALLY BUSY, perhaps just a tad stressful, and completely awesome.

Saying '"Good-Bye" to Sister Ferrera
Me, Sister Ferrera, Sister Hansen, & Sister Compton

Which! BTW! Sister Hansen and I will be staying together for another transfer!! Woot Woot!! We are so excited — especially because our friend 'K' finally got his divorce papers and has a wedding date set, which means that he will be getting married in two weeks and then baptized in three weeks!! We have loved working with him and his family.

We have also been working with our friend 'T' who is the brother of a recent convert. He is preparing for baptism at the beginning of October, and Sister Hansen and I just love him! He is so ready to make changes in his life, and interestingly enough, I had previously received the impression that Sister Hansen and I would be the ones to teach and baptize him, and alas, we are staying together another transfer!! The Spirit speaketh the truth and doth not lie!! There are so many exciting things happening in the upcoming transfer, it will just be a blast!

I absolutely love this work... it is the GREATEST work ever! Every day I am so humbled and blessed as I go and share this message of hope with those who need it. I know I am not a perfect missionary, but I know my purpose, and especially as I am approaching my year mark (ew! How is that even possible?) I have been reflecting on my missionary work and making plans to just have at it for the next six months! This is one of the most precious times in life — to be set apart as a full time missionary, and I know that there are people for me to find and share the good news of the gospel with here in the greatest OCM! Man.

Also this week I discovered my new favorite song: and then listen to "Rock of Ages."

Have a great week!

Love you!

Sister Feil

PS Here are a few birthday pics... lol!


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