Monday, August 29, 2016

My week in a nutshell...

This week has been absolutely crazy — in the BESTest of ways!!!!

Sister Hansen and I

Tuesday, we had a blitz exchange with the Marion Sisters!! I was with Sister Jones, who has only been out for five weeks but she is literally so pro at missionary work... We had a blast! We came across JW's for the first time on my mission — and that was cool. They were nice people. We also discovered that Sister Jones and I are both Poldark and Hallmark fans.... so basically we were instant best friends :).

What we do during dinner hour on exchanges when we have no dinner appointments...

Thursday was AWESOME!!! The Muncie and Fort Wayne stake missionaries gathered together in the Muncie stake building for a Mission Tour and Elder Hamula of the Seventy and his wife came and spoke! I received so much revelation from his inspiring words. Many new steps that I need to take to apply the Atonement more fully in my life. That was also an extra fun time because my good buddy Elder Hullinger was back (he had to go home for surgery)!

ELDER HULLINGER IS BACK! Our homie from Eastgate.

Two of my favorite people, Sister Creager and Sister Conrad were there as well... They were doubled out of Ohio and into Newcastle, an area in our zone — WAHOO!! It was such a treat to see them again. Also... the Decatur elders (my first area) were there, and this sweet couple, the Monterosso's, came to pick them up so I got to see them as well — and it had been like 7 months since I last saw them!! That was SO WONDERFUL :).

Friday I went to Anderson for an exchange with Sister Eckstrom. We had a blast! Those sisters are working with some way cool people. I instantly loved everyone we met and talked to! I just love that no matter where you are and who you are with, sharing the gospel gives you the opportunity to love and serve, which helps you to see others as God sees them. That is the greatest thing ever.

Saturday, Sister Hansen and I had to get up at THREE THIRTY IN THE MORNING so that we could go to Ohio for a leadership meeting with Elder Hamula. This cute couple in our ward have this huge comfortable van and drove the elders and us.

Us on the ride home from Ohio... we were ALL really tired!!

The leadership meeting was mind blowing! We all learned so much. And then on the way home from the meeting, the Overseers (cute couple who brought us) took us to this Amish place for lunch and that was DELICIOUS! Later that night Sister Hansen and I gave talks at a baptism for our Elders.

Our reaction...
when there is NO MAIL in our mail box...
which is most of the time... ha!

And then Sunday was just PHENOMENAL! The missionaries in the area were part of the YSA choir for a YSA fireside. We sang the EFY medley and then got to hear President and Sister Welch speak (for the third time this week!!) And that was INCREDIBLE. Afterwards, we got to meet with this AMAZING investigator of ours and his story helped to strengthen my testimony of the healing power of the Atonement... It was so powerful that I started crying on the way home!!

And that dear friends... was my week in a nutshell!

Love you all! Sister Feil

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