Monday, August 22, 2016


What a week! They just keep getting better and better and going faster and faster... this has been an amazing transfer but it is almost over! Sister Hansen and I don't even understand where all the time has gone.

Sister Hansen and I were freshening up in the bathroom when I made the comment, "We don't have any cute pictures of us both," and so Sister Hansen whips out her camera and we took a cute picture. Right there. In the bathroom.

Tuesday we went on exchanges and I was with Sister Hartvigsen (a new missionary!) It was super awesome being with a greenie again and we had an amazing day in Muncie.

Wednesday was my mom's birthday... Happy 35th Mom! I also gave a training in District Meeting on developing charity and love...

Later that day, I met an investigator the sisters used to meet with and she was incredible! We gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon and testified of its power. We said a prayer with her and left, and a couple days later we went back to see her again, and she said the most amazing thing happened. She said that after we prayed wth her, her back pain was gone for a day and a half. She said it was a miracle and the most incredible day of her life because we prayed with her. We testified of the blessings of prayer and the Book of Mormon and she is really excited to learn more. And we are excited to teach her!

Welcome to the Muncie North Zone Leadership :).
Muncie North Zone Leadership... take two!!

That night, we taught a Catholic couple the Restoration lesson... and it went well! I have always been nervous to teach Catholics but they were very nice and genuinely interested in learning about Mormons. They want to read the Book of Mormon! The Spirit will touch their hearts for sure.

Thursday, the Muncie missionaries gathered together for a Panda Express lunch and then we went with a member to help him chop down a tree. It was so cool! Some people were sawing branches off, some were carrying branches to a large pile, while others were breaking smaller branches with their feet... at 1 o'clock in the afternoon. It was just plain HOT and we were all SWEATING profusely  but it was so awesome! I felt right at home because, as most of you know, I grew up on a 5 acre pecan orchard and have spent NUMEROUS hours working in our yard and field in the scorching central valley California sun :).

One of our members bought us all Panda Express before we went to his house to help him chop down a tree.

We had dinner that night with members who have a fascination with superheroes; and they have a Thor hammer replica, a Captain America shield replica, and some Batman boomerang replica thingys. Sister Hansen and I managed to snag some pics with the hammer... Pretty COOL!

I am Thor.

Friday was another exchange! I was with Sister Ferrera. She smells. (Haha — she wrote that cuz she is sitting right next to me and saw this!) She was companions with Sister Hansen a couple transfers ago. It was awesome getting to know her and we had a great time working together!

Saturday was my BIRTHDAY! I am finally 20. And it was probably my favorite birthday to date! Early that morning (upon my and Sister Hansen's return from working out), the Muncie 1st Ward sisters and Maddi (a friend) surprised me with breakfast and had put up all of these ADORABLE decorations that my mom sent  SUPER FUN! So... we all ate some yummy breakfast together before getting ready and starting our studies.

The morning of my birthday. We ate some breakfast and somehow ended up in a pile on our sofa. You can't see my face, but you can see my arm ._.

Then Sister Hansen and I had a "breakfast" appointment with a member and she and her husband gave me a card and a gift and sang me Happy Birthday! SO VERY SWEET. And YES... you did read that right — I totally had a double breakfast on my birthday and all I can say is what a beautiful way to start a beautiful day!

Mission birthday's are AMAZING!!

We had afternoon visits and then our ward had a "Ward Olympics" activity that we were involved in. For one event, I was blindfolded and had to hold a bucket while Sister Hansen squirted water into it with this ginormous squirt gun. I got soaking wet (shocking I know)! In my missionary clothes! Haha... it was pretty darn funny.

The most memorable part, though, was the final event. The missionaries and the ward mission leader and the bishop were all on a team, and it was a relay race so we each had to do something across the gym. The elders did a wheelbarrow race, Brother Spaulding did a crab walk, Bishop had to walk across with a balloon between his legs, and Sister Hansen had to keep a balloon in the air. As for me, I had to hold a baseball bat to my forehead (with the other end touching the ground, so I was all hunched over) and I had to spin ten times and then run across the gym. Sounds easy enough, but I didn't realize it would make me so dizzy; and after spinning really, REALLY fast, I was very disoriented! I tried running across the gym but couldn't! I was moving sideways, and then backward, and then I couldn't stop myself from running into people. Eventually I did finally make it across the gym but not before the whole ward was laughing (along with me!) at my clumsy/off-balanced/dizzied antics... It was actually quite hilarious! My team and I were practically rolling on the floor we were laughing so hard at the whole escapade.

It was a very Happy Birthday for me! Especially because my amazing mother sent me a FABULOUS birthday package filled with all kinds of really great stuff — love you mom (and the whole fam, too)!

Sunday was wonderful as well! I had a tenderloin sandwich for the first time — apparently that is a big thing here :).

Another busy, awesome week... And another busy, awesome week ahead! I know this is the true church, and I am so grateful for that knowledge in my life! I love you all — Have a great week!!

Sister Feil

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