Monday, June 20, 2016

Contacting... Teaching... & Celebrating!!!

Hey all! Its been a busy week here in Eastgate!

Our investigator "M" is progressing well! She is very curious and loves to research on the LDS website. She is so cute. English is not her first language so she says a lot of funny phrases and it cracks me up. We found a Spanish Book of Mormon and gave that to her so now she can read more! She was already reading it by the time we gave it to her. We even got to meet and get to know her husband, which was really awesome because at first I think he wasn't too sure of us. But we got to sit down and teach both him and "M" this week and that was pretty cool.

We decided we don't take enough pictures... so here is a selfie of us!!!

Also!! We were contacting and met a muslim family. They were interested to learn more, purely for educational purposes and we asked when we could come back and they were like, "How about now?" So we taught a Muslim family the Restoration. That was definitely an interesting and new experience for us! We also met this family and taught them how to have an FHE. Get this: they have 7 kids under the age of eight. Like what?? That is SO rare! They are a wild bunch, but very fun! We also have been teaching this older lady who is pretty intense... she keeps telling us these stories about how she punches people and beats them up.

AAAAND! Sister Evensen had a birthday!!

Celebrating Sister Evensen's birthday :).

She is twenty. WOO HOO! We went with one of our favorites, the Redford's, to get some pizza and ice cream for dinner that night!

The sun was LITERALLY blinding me - LOL!

And then we met with this member and her less active daughter and had an incredible lesson about covenants! We are hoping to work with her to get her back to the temple. She turned out to be just the sweetest lady and we are just so excited to work with her! We are also working with this recent convert who is so excited to prepare for her endowment in December!! She has had most of the lessons, so we decided we would start her on the Personal Progress program to help her with her personal studies. She was so excited when we explained this program to her... her smile just made me so happy!

So! A very great week. And another great one ahead! I can feel it!(:

Love Sister Feil

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