Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Gospel is BEAUTIFUL!

Hi everyone... Happy late Memorial Day! This last week has been incredible... yeah, incredibly HOT! But also just plain incredible as well(:

Last Monday we had a ZONE FUN DAY, and so all the missionaries in our zone got together and we played 'Nolan' dodgeball! Pretty much that is when Bishop Nolan's family (he has eight kids!) comes and plays dodgeball with you at the church — AND IT IS SO MUCH FUN! Great way to start the week, nice and energized :).

Tuesday all of our appointments fell through so we spent the entire day FINDING. We went to visit a former investigator who didn't have much time to talk but said we could come back later, and her neighbor across the street was outside working on a bench — so we went up and talked with her!!

She is from Mexico and has this beautiful name that Sister Evensen and I cannot pronounce to save our lives but we ended up talking to her for about an hour. She said she grew up Catholic but there are things that she doesn't agree with... she said they "just sound wrong." And so we talked about the Spirit, and briefly shared with her the Restoration, and ended up giving her a bible that we had with us and she totally wants us to come back!! She definitely believes everything we believe, so we are excited to share more with her!!

On Wednesday, I went on exchanges with the one and only Sister Baker and we had a chapel tour with our investigator "A." "A" is preparing for baptism on June 29th. She doesn't know if it is true yet, but she wants to work towards that day! And so we will be teaching her and giving her a copy of the Book of Mormon tomorrow so her answers should be coming soon!! (In the Lord's own time of course.) Wednesday was an awesome day!!

Tuesday night the assistants had called us and told us we would be having New Missionary training at the Mission home Wednesday morning (SUPER late notice) and so we drove to Western Hills with the Maysville sisters and joined President & Sister Porter and the Assistants for some New Missionary fun!!! Haha it was awesome.

New Missionary Training!

We did some role playing and learned how to manage stress... all good things!! Then we ate at Raising Cane's afterward because one just opened in our area — YYYUUMMMEEE!

Friday, we had workshops! Pretty much workshops are where you get together with the missionaries in your stake and the assistants give trainings and we role play a lot. This was our last 'workshop' with President & Sister Porter since they are leaving us soon :(. So we spent a little bit creating a scrapbook page for them! I was conducting music, so after workshops were over, we were singing our mission song and President Porter popped up beside me as I was leading and escorted me to the back of the room, where Sister Porter was standing.... right in the middle of the song!! It really was a precious moment because we were their last workshop group so this was the very last time any of their missionaries would be singing that song with the them. We all sang our hearts out — it was very tender!

After that, one of our cute young women came out teaching with us... and it randomly started POURING rain!!! It was crazy but that was a very productive time!! And then we had a FHE with our investigator "K" in one of our member's homes and it was incredible! We taught her about God's authority and watched the Restoration video.Saturday was super hot!! And a lot of people had gotten out of school so people were swimming in pools everywhere and OH, MAN! I have to admit that sometimes on scorching hot days like this — I imagine for a just a very fleeting instant what it would feel like to go jump into a nice cool pool — lol! We went and visited with the lady we met on Tuesday, the older one who didn't have much time to talk. Well, this time apparently she had LOTS of time to talk!!! Her mouth just wouldn't stop!! But we had a great lesson and she said she wants to learn more so we are excited!

That night, we had a prompting to visit a girl we met like two weeks ago. She ended up being home, and was getting ready to take her dog for a walk, and she invited us to come and go with her! She shared her story with us and although she has been through a lot, Christ has really helped her to move on from her rough past. She isn't "looking for a church" but she wanted to come check ours out!! SO she came to church on Sunday and stayed for all three hours!!!

We invited her to come to our ward party yesterday for Memorial Day and she came!! She is 20 years old and there aren't many people her age besides us in the ward.... so it was difficult trying to get her to be with other people — but she met a lot of great members and had a good time!! We will be seeing her tomorrow to ask her thoughts on church and to share the Restoration with her. We are so excited!

Our new investigator at our Ward Memorial Day Party :).

Oh! And then on Sunday we visited "A" in the morning. She couldn't come to church because her kids were sick, but we had an incredible lesson with her. We taught her the Restoration and she gets it!!! When we talked about apostasy, she was like, "Oh, that makes sense!" and she understands prophets and what it means to 'restore'. She has very little religious background and for someone like that, she was rocking it! She is so awesome and we are way excited to keep working with her!

Monday was Memorial Day!!! We went to our ward's activity and ate a lot and played some ultimate Frisbee (which was fun in a skirt, lemme tell ya!) and then we contacted a referral who became a new investigator!

Taking a walk around the park where our Memorial Day Ward party was at!

Then we got together with our zone for a finding challenge!! We went to a few parks just to talk with people, and our zone ended up finding 24 new investigators. It was awesome because we went to this beach place... Yes, there is a beach just outside the middle of Nowhere, Ohio!!! It was so beautiful!!!

Selfie during our Ward Memorial Day Activity!

A member from the Cherry Grove Ward came with Sister Evensen and I for a bit, and we met this guy named "T" who the member had just talked to at a gas station!!! This guy was super interested... he said that when he found Jesus his life completely changed, and he can tell a difference in his life when he is going to church versus when he isn't. He has a family, too! And he wants to learn more!! It was so cool, he isn't in our area, though, so we won't get to teach him.... but at least we found him!! A soul searching for Christ!

The Gospel is beautiful. And it really is for everyone!!! God is anxious to bless us and help us move forward and away from our past. Through Christ we can find new life!! And it is so amazing teaching others and watching their countenances change as they learn the truth of this message for themselves... I love it so much!!!

Well... I hope you all have a wonderful week!!

Love, Sister Feil

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