Monday, May 23, 2016

Sacrament meeting... ON A WEDNESDAY?!

Well... well... well... This week was just a treat!!

On Wednesday, we had Zone Conference and I am not sure how but each Zone Conference just gets better and better. We all drove up to Montgomery and met up with the zone, which meant that I got to see my good friend Sister Bluder!!! It was so awesome seeing her.

The meeting began with President Bradley, our stake president, speaking for a while and he is just so incredible... he is truly an inspired man of God!

In preparation for every Zone conference, each missionary is asked to prepare a talk and then someone is randomly chosen to give theirs, and though I wasn't called on  I thought it was way cool how President Bradley talked about practically the same thing I wrote about!! It was about allowing the Atonement to help us change our hearts so that we can be sanctified members of Christ's church.

Then we heard from President Porter and he spoke about the Doctrine of Christ and our role in helping others follow it.

After lunch, President & Sister Porter told us a little bit about our new mission president and his wife (I am so sad the Porter's are leaving!) and then we went into the chapel and President & Sister Porter spoke about the Atonement and showed us some Atonement videos. It was a very powerful experience, and President Porter went into detail about the day our Savior was crucified, and he bore the most beautiful testimony of Christ's sacrifice. He challenged us to truly think about how we receive the sacrament, and to really think about it's meaning. Then we proceeded to have a sacrament meeting together... ON A WEDNESDAY! It was so cool, and such a neat experience  it has forever changed my view of the sacrament.

Anyways, Sister Evensen and I have just been hard at work!! Our week felt a little slow for a few days but then when we reviewed our week, we found that we accomplished a lot!!

And yesterday was our first time meeting with the new ward!!! It is sooooooooooo much bigger now. We use both overflows!!! Its insane!!!

Well... Sister Evensen and I have a crazy busy week ahead of us... Being busy and serving others is the absolute best!

Love you all and hope you have a great week!

Sister Feil

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