Monday, May 9, 2016

Gratitude & Love!!

I am running short on time to write so this is going to be another quick email... so sorry! Here are a few of the highlights from the past week:

This week has been wonderful! I got my greenie, Sister Evensen... And I just love her so much! She is from Taylorsville, Utah and has a super tall and awesome family (I got to meet them yesterday on her Mother's Day Skype)!!! She is almost a foot taller than me and seriously came to me pre-trained!!

Sister Evensen and I :)

We have been working non-stop this week since we are preparing "D" for baptism this Saturday!! I told Sister Evensen this is the best way EVER get trained -- by diving right in... head first!!

I guess I don't know my own strength #icantbelieveibroketheirpitcher
Us with the Pierce's and "D" - soon to be Brother "H" :)

What is the most AMAZING way to end an awesome week??? A MOTHER'S DAY SKYPE WITH MY FAMILY... and I just loved it so much!!! It was so good to see all of their beautiful faces... ESPECIALLY MY MOMMA'S! ❤❤❤ I am so thankful for my mom and all that she has taught me and done for me. She is (and has always been) my greatest support and I just love her a lot! It was THE BEST talking with her even if it wasn't for vey long :).

Talking with my mom, dad, and lil' sis!
Chatting with my two brothers that live in Provo and meeting my new 'soon-to-be' sister-in-law for the first time!
My siblings at my brother Sam's BYU graduation a couple of week's ago :).
They left a space for me in the pic and so I did what any respectable sister missionary would do...
I cut and pasted myself in!
*I may or may not have added a few inches 
(cough, cough) to my height - lol!!! 
 #sothisiswhatitfeelsliketobetall  #dontmesswithme  #lovemysiblingtothemoonandbacktimesinfinity 

Anyways - we have full and awesome week ahead!! I absolutely love this work and I am so happy for the opportunity I have to show Sister Evensen the ropes!

Have a great week all!

Love, Sister Feil

Got a speeding ticket in an unfamiliar area where the speed quickly dropped drastically (45-20)...
I was in the process of slowing down and had carefully been obeying the speed limit with exactness
#totallyundeserved #butthecopshowednomercy #ihadtoappearincourtlastwednesday!!! 

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