Monday, April 11, 2016

The Church is true and the book is blue!!!!

Hey all... This week has been yet another crazy week!

Wednesday we went on exchanges with the STL's in Cherry Grove and so I was with the lovely Sister Lovell(: While tracting, we met this guy and his cute son and his son really liked me! He was trying to give me a ride on his bicycle (haha)... Great news is that his dad ended up becoming a new investigator — so that was totally awesome!

Cute kid Sister Lovell and I met on exchanges!! He REALLY liked me
and was trying to give me a ride on his bike :).

Thursday we volunteered at Inter-Parish Ministry again which is always fun! And then later that night we had FHE with this cute less active family. They made tacos for us and we taught them the restoration, and then we attempted juggling (and I am actually not bad)!

Saturday the STL's had a baptism! Tim was supposed to get baptized in the afternoon, but they had a misunderstanding and he thought he was getting baptized in the evening, but my ward was having a spaghetti dinner and so there was just a bunch of craziness! But the STL's made it work, and Sister Conrad and I had the privileged of attending the service, and it was incredible. Watching people take their next steps to progression is THE GREATEST! The Spirit was so strong throughout the whole service and I just felt so thankful to be a missionary. This work that both members and missionaries are a part of is truly INCREDIBLE! There is nothing else I would rather be doing right now.

In closing... I would like to leave you with this thought: This morning I was studying and pondering Elder Holland's talk, "Tomorrow the Lord Will Do Wonders Among You," and this line really stuck out to me: "If we give our heart to God, if we love the Lord Jesus Christ, if we do the best we can to live the gospel, then tomorrow — and every other day — is ultimately going to be magnificent." I just want to testify that God loves us all. He loves us and wants us to be happy and so He provided a Savior to take upon him our afflictions and sins so that despite our imperfections, we can have magnificent days ahead. I love Him with all of my heart and I invite you to go back and read and reflect on the words spoken to us at General Conference. Those who spoke were truly inspired of God and their words are there to uplift and strengthen us.

I love you all!

Sister Feil

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