Monday, February 22, 2016

Man shall not live by baguettes alone...

The weather has been super nice to us! The sun has been out like for three days already this past week — right now even, it is nice and sunny and breezy outside! It's incredible! I hope we are done with snow already... That would be luxurious!

The highlight of my week was probably interviews with President Porter on Wednesday! We went to Montgomery (where the stake building is located) and had our area books and planners checked and role played with the ZL's and STL's. Then we interviewed with President Porter and with Sister Porter... And they are fabulous! I have a firm testimony that not only are missionaries called to their specific mission, but they are also called to their specific mission presidents! President Porter is just one of THE GREATEST guys I have ever met, and we had the best talk. I know that he loves God and Jesus Christ and I also know that he loves every single missionary in this mission... I have no doubt about that! Same with Sister Porter. While I sat talking with them, I could just feel the love they have for me individually, and to have that kind of support is incredible! So that was my favorite day this week. (:

On Thursday, we met a cool lady named 'A' who actually lives pretty close to us. She told us that she and her boyfriend were actually looking for a church and that she really wanted to meet with us again! We exchanged numbers and she asked us if we could go out to lunch sometime, and so we scheduled a time for Saturday, and we are planning on teaching them The Restoration! Woo hoo! I will update you on how that goes. (:

On Friday, I went on exchanges with the lovely Sister Lovell... again! She has been my STL my whole mission and I love her to death. We stayed here in Eastgate, and went to help out at this organization in town called Inter-Parish Ministries, which is an organization that helps out families who are in need of food and clothing. It is really a top-notch organization, and hopefully we will be volunteering there every week from here on out!

On Saturday, we went to visit a family that ended up not being home. On our way out of their apartment building, we ran into some people that were just moving in and so we offered our help... and they accepted it! We ended up spending over an hour helping them and that was like the first time someone actually took us up on our offer of service! It was pretty cool.

Yesterday was a fabulous Sabbath! We had ward conference and our stake president spoke. President Bradley is just plain awesome! He is an amazing stake president and has such a strong testimony and an even stronger love for all those in the stake.

The funniest thing that happened this week actually happened last night... we met up with the Elders in front of our Relief society president's home because they were going to give us some bread (they have this super nice hook-up from Panera!) and Elder Van Alfen grabbed a baguette and was like, "What if we just had a sword fight with these baguettes?" So we did. And the RS president heard us and came out and started chatting with us, and we all were cracking jokes and whatnot. It was pretty funny. The lengths we sisters will go to for a loaf of bread — lol!

Have a blessed week!

Love, Sister Feil

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