Monday, January 25, 2016

Holy Moly... What a week!

Sorry about not sending an email last week... My p-day ended up being kind of crazy (as they sometimes do!) and I just ran out of computer time before I was able to get one written :).

This past week Sister Creager and I were kept extremely busy! Recently, we have been doing a lot of work up in Fort Wayne, which is about a half an hour away from where we live. Lately, our daily routine has consisted of driving up there early in the morning and spending the entire day there before returning back to Decatur in the evening.

Wednesday there was a worldwide missionary devotional that was AWESOME! All of the missionaries in the Fort Wayne Stake met up at the Stake Center and watched it together. It was so inspiring!! Elder Anderson, Elder Bednar, and a handful of others spoke about "teaching repentance and baptizing converts." It was INCREDIBLE! I have made a list of things I want to start working on immediately, which includes (but is not limited to) listening and observing more, and working on having complete spiritual focus whenever I am in a lesson. All we can do as missionaries is carry the message to people, but the Spirit is the one who brings it into their hearts! Consequently, I know that it is SO NECESSARY for me to do absolutely everything I can to invite the Spirit into every single lesson that is taught!

Thursday, one of the coolest things ever happened. Sister Creager and I had approximately 30 minutes before a dinner appointment, and so we went to contact one of our media referrals. This man and his girlfriend had just barely gotten home when we arrived, and so of course we introduced ourselves and talked with them about temples and eternal families and it was awesome. Then we said a prayer with them before we left, and afterwards — I followed a prompting and extended baptism. They both chuckled, and so I thought to myself, "Oh no... I just blew it! They probably think we are crazy now! Like... OH NO! What did I just DO?" But then the girlfriend went and grabbed a tissue, and as it turned — out she was CRYING! She said, "Funny you should ask that..." and then proceeded to tell us that she was going through a horrible time and has been struggling a lot lately, but she promised God on Dec 27th of last year that SHE WOULD BE BAPTIZED in 2016. Like AHHHHHAHAHHAAAAAA!!! Her story almost brought me to tears, and the Spirit was so strong as we listened to her. They are both excited for us to come back and visit them and we actually have an appointment to meet with them again on Tuesday and I am so PUMPED for it!!

We were blessed to be able to meet quite a few people this past week who are interested in our message and seem very willing to listen to what we have to say. In fact, we have a ton of appointments scheduled for this upcoming week... so it should be AMAZING! It is also the last week of the transfer... Which means I am a quarter of the way through my mission... Which is weird.... And I am not quite sure if I know how I feel about that!

Anyways! I hope you all have a great week!

Love, Sister Feil

Baking cookies...

Me and Sister Creager being silly!

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