Monday, January 4, 2016


New Year's in the mission field was wonderful! We had a zone meeting on New Year's Eve, and the ZL's gave each companionship a bundle of envelopes from the mission president and his wife. Those envelopes contained various challenges in/on them for us to complete and they kept us busy from 6PM in the evening on New Year's Eve to 12PM in the afternoon on January 2nd.

The first night, we went through and completed the first five envelopes, and then on New Year's Day we came to envelope #6! The challenge for that was to READ THE ENTIRE BOOK OF MORMON... So that is how we brought in and celebrated the first day of 2016 :).

Sister Creager and I read it together so we could stay focused. As we read, we were asked to mark/highlight all evidences that Heavenly Father loves His children, as well as ways we can increase our faith. We did that till about 2PM in the afternoon... at which time we received a text from the ZL's saying to now focus solely on just reading, so we stopped marking so we could have some hope of finishing! We weren't quite able to complete this challenge, but we have till next Tuesday, January, 11th (our specialized training) to finish it. We still have 100 pages left...

Woohoo! I have to tell you, it was an AMAZING experience. Even though we were kind of reading fast, the Spirit was with me the whole time, manifesting that the book is indeed true. I don't see how anyone could read the book and NOT feel of its truthfulness. I felt God's love more abundantly than I have ever felt before, because I know that the BOM was written for the people of our day — to guide and direct us, and to help us become successful because that is what God wants for all of us! My testimony strengthened of His love for ME personally, and I know that whenever I fall short, whenever I feel like I need to make changes (which is like all the time!) in my life so that I can follow God's will for me, I know that He still loves me, and will guide and strengthen me to make those needed changes. I encourage ALL OF YOU to take up that challenge sometime this year. Maybe modify it just a bit and set a goal to read the BOM in a week or something... but please do it! 

The remaining envelopes encouraged us to not only set goals for this year, but also for our lives. I was able to ponder how I want to change because of serving a mission, and how I will apply what I am learning to help me throughout my WHOLE life. Goal setting is so essential. We set goals all the time for investigators, but for once... we set goals for ourselves, and I have developed a clearer view on what I want my life to be like, both now and in the future, and how I want to accomplish it. And it starts with making the most of my mission.

My goals for 2016 are ones that I hope will help me to make the most of the time I have here. They include living the power triangle (faith, diligence, obedience) so that I qualify for God's grace, recognizing opportunities to change patterns to really contribute to the hastening of God's work, and developing true Christ-like love. I even came up with how I am going to measure/accomplish these: I am going to have a personal accountability session with myself every night to see how I am doing and to make specific goals for improvement for the following day. I am going to pray for the Spirit to be with me, and do those things which will help me qualify to have His companionship with me always (which includes acting on ALL promptings I receive), and really focusing on thinking of Christ at all times and making HIM the center of my life.

I have also started a 40 day fast of those things that I want to be free of, that I want to turn over to God so that I can be 100% focused in this work.

Flooded river by our apartment!

I AM GOING TO LEAVE YOU WITH A JOKE: What kind of man was Boaz before he married Ruth?


Anyways, I love you all... and I hope you have a wonderful week!

Love, Sister Feil

P.S. Sister Creager has been having these headaches that have affected her vision... so we went to see an ophthalmologist today and I felt right at home — haha!!! Reminded me of going to my dad's office all the time!

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