Monday, October 19, 2015

One Month Old!

Hi everyone!

So I am officially one month old... Yay! Sister Nicol and I celebrated my "birthday" on the 16th with some ice cream and fries from McDonald's. It was awesome!

Last Tuesday, we went to a new missionary training in Muncie, where we were able to meet with the mission president, his wife and the Assistants  they are all such amazing people! That was SUPER cool.

New Missionary Training... In Muncie, Indiana!!!

Then on Wednesday we visited a town in our area called Berne (just like the 4th most populous city in Switzerland) and it literally IS a little Swiss town! ALL of the buildings look like little chateaus, even the subway and the post office and there are some very cute boutiques and thrift shops!

There was also this cool bell tower that looked very Swiss, and there was even a bear statue, as well a post office with a bunch of flags from the various cantons located in Switzerland.

Anyways, it is just the cutest town, and the whole time I was there, all I could do was to think of my dad because he served in the Switzerland Zurich Mission and we have a lot of relatives who actually still live there! I will definitely need to take my dad to Berne, Indiana someday haha.

Sister Nicol and I determined that Berne would be a great place to spend our p-day today, but we found out when we got there that most of the shops we wanted to visit are closed on Mondays... Like whatttttt!? Who does that??! So unfortunately, we weren't able to go to them after all  but hey, I suppose we saved money that way... LOL!

Thursday we visited a small neighboring town, named Bluffton, and that is also a very cute place! We had a very successful day there because we found four new investigators! One guy was a referral from Ft. Wayne, and his big concern is about why different churches teach different things and I was so excited when he told us that because WE HAVE THE FULLNESS OF THE GOSPEL RIGHT HERE MAN! I am very excited to continue working with him. I have a great feeling that he will come to know of the truth of this gospel.

Friday and Saturday weren't very eventful. Sunday we FINALLY had church in our building (last week was Stake Conference and the week before that was General Conference) and so we got to meet more people in the branch...YAY! Sister Nicol and I also gave talks and that was awesome.

Today after we went grocery shopping, we were still a little sad about not being able to shop in Berne so we went to the Salvation Army and found some fun things! I bought these cool boots and some skirts that I will use some of my time on future p-days to alter and fix up. We also got some Graeter's ice cream (which apparently is Handcrafted French Pot Ice Cream and supposedly THE BEST in the world) and I will be trying that as soon as we get back to the apartment. (:

Well, that was my week in a nutshell! Love you all and hope you have a fabulous week! The church is true and the book is blue!! Open it everyday and you will come closer to Christ and be blessed as you study His word.

Love you!

Sister Feil

Cute Cafe/Bookstore in Decatur

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