Monday, October 12, 2015

A Week Full of Miracles!

Hello everyone!!!

I just want to start off by saying that I LOVE being a missionary! It is hands down the coolest thing I have EVER done. I am so happy to be here in Decatur right now teaching God's children the gospel of Jesus Christ. I haven't even been out a full month (almost though!) and I have already learned and grown so much! Looking forward to see how much I will grow in the next 17 months!!! So last P-day, our zone got together for a zone fun day and went bowling in Huntington. It was so much fun... the missionaries in my zone are the BEST! I seriously just love them so much.

The leaves are changing and its beautiful...

So last monday night, Sister Nicol and I went to teach our new investigator and her sister. They seemed to really like the message of the Restoration! Her sister was like, "Why have I never heard this before?!" It was so awesome. They even invited us to go with them to teach their friends! Apparently, once a week, they all get together and talk about religion. And they were so excited to bring us with them! It was such a miracle. Unfortunately, we were unable to make that appointment because we already had another appointment scheduled at that exact time, but hopefully we will be able to teach this group sometime this week.

OH MY GOODNESS!!! We have a mission temple trip next week so we get to go and do a session at the INDIANAPOLIS INDIANA TEMPLE! I am so pumped!!!! It's going to be awesome!

Okay, so friday was one of the greatest days. We had exchange with our STL"s (sister training leaders) and so we got together and in the morning we went and helped a less active member move in to her new house.

Me and Grandma Jones (she trained Sister Nicol) while helping that member move

That was awesome because we got to know her and what she has been through, and it really was inspiring. This sister is probably one of the strongest people I have ever met. And she fed us afterwards so that was amazing, too. Love food. So much. Afterwards, we split up. I went with Sister Lovell to teach one of their investigators, 'J'. 'J' was not in a great mood because her boyfriend left abruptly and she couldn't get a hold of him and didn't know if he would be coming back. We started teaching her, and she said the opening prayer and asked God if He would bring her boyfriend back home safely. Then we asked her about prayer and she said that she didn't feel like God has answered any of her prayers! And then in the middle of the lesson, her boyfriend came back. We were so excited because we told her, "Hey! God just answered your prayer!" She was so happy, and I was so happy to tell her that the gospel can make her feel that happy and joyful every day of her life!! She seemed to really like the lesson of the plan of salvation. It seriously was a great lesson!! Sister Lovell and I felt so good about it. That night, Sister Lovell and I went to Peru to see a baptism that was happening and it was way cool to be able to experience that.

Me and Sister Lovell "blinging" a sign as part of a service project!

We had an insane miracle happen to us yesterday. Sister Nicol and I were with a member and we went to see an investigator, who ended up not being home. We were on our way to see a less-active when the member that was with us said, "Oh... actually her mother actually lives close to here." So we decided to go and visit that less-active's mother. She was a very nice lady! We were so excited because she said that she and her daughter (who we were originally planning to go see) were talking about coming back to church! We were so excited! We told her that we (Sister Nicol and I) were speaking on Sunday so she should totally come haha! She also has a son our age named 'R'. He is her only child who has not been baptized, and so we asked her if we could get together with her and 'R' to introduce him to the Book of Mormon and start teaching him the lessons. She said okay, but said that it is hard to get a hold of him because he doesn't have a phone. He has been living with some friends in Decatur, trying to "find himself." Anyways, we left her house and were planning on doing some street contacting when Sister Nicol had the feeling we should go visit a potential investigator. We did, though she wasn't home... so we knocked on her neighbors door. They weren't home either. We went across the street and decided to knock on one more door. We did, and the guy who answered said he wasn't interested in our message, but right then two boys came up to the front door. We started talking with them, and one guy wasn't interested at all but the other guy was. He introduced himself as 'R' and said he was 19 years old, and then sister Nicol asked him what his last name was. It was 'M'!!! He was totally the son of the lady we had just been talking to 20 minutes before! And he is interested!!! We were so happy, and we even told him, "Hey, we just met your mom and were talking with her like 20 minutes ago!" Anyways, we picked him up as a new investigator and will be meeting with him on tuesday(:

The church is true, and God's hand is in our lives every single day. There is no such thing as coincidence. Coincidence just means that there is a bigger plan that you don't know about. We have been put into 'R's life for a reason, and we are so excited to help him turn to God and to Christ's gospel. Anyways, I encourage you all to strive to recognize God's hand in your life because it definitely is! He helps us EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. We just need the eyes to see that He is there. Every day. For us. Always.

Love you all! Have a great week!

Love, Sister Feil

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