Monday, March 21, 2016

Always keep His name on your lips...

Wow... this has been one of my favorite weeks of my mission!

Wednesday we had a super cool opportunity for service! A lady in our ward wanted some help with weeding her garden, so we were outside in the BEAUTIFUL breezy sunny weather and it was so fun! It reminded me of doing that at HOME! HaHa. Never EVER thought I would say this but
I. MISS. GARDENING! (It's true mom...)

We had a cool workshop with all the missionaries in our stake on Thursday. We had trainings from the assistants and practiced teaching and whatnot!

We have still been meeting with "A" quite often, and we have a new investigator, "B". We also have two cool other investigators, a mother and son, who seem quite interested! The work is going well here in Eastgate, and Sister Conrad and I have continued to work hard and we are seeing great things happen! We went from having 0 progressing investigators to four within two weeks!! WOO HOO!

Saturday was one of my most favorite days of my mission. Our entire mission got together and we heard ELDER ANDERSON SPEAK! Before the meeting started, he shook all of our hands. He talked about how the best missionaries are sent to the US :). He also said we were his favorite group that he would be speaking to, and he told us some hilarious stories and was cracking jokes the WHOLE time! It was really cool because sometimes you forget that the Apostles are normal people too! He was just so real and down to earth! One of my favorite things that he talked about was how we must always be prepared to testify of the Savior. We bear His name more than anyone else, and we know more about Him than anyone else, and so He must always always ALWAYS be the focus of what we teach. Like he said at the Missionary broadcast, "Always keep His name on your lips." It was so good to hear him, I could just listen to him speak all day!

Yesterday we had stake conference, and both "B" and "A" came!! It was totally PACKED but luckily we got some pretty decent seats. It was yet another incredible message that we were able to hear from Elder Anderson! Also... Happy 29th Anniversary (yesterday) Mom and Dad! You guys and Elder Anderson and his wife share the same anniversary day :). He had to leave Stake Conference early so he could catch a plane to make it back in time to see his wife!

I am so grateful for the leadership of this church. I know that President Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet, a man called of God, and I know that the Apostles are true representatives of Christ, and I feel so honored to be an apostle with a little 'a' and help them and God with this incredible work. Joseph Smith was and is the prophet who, under the direction of the Father, Restored this church back to the Earth in this modern day. As I listened to an Apostle of God speak, I could feel the Spirit telling me what he spoke was true. And I am so blessed to have that gift in my life.

Have a great week!

Love, Sister Feil

P.S. Watch the new Easter video!! #hallelujah

My Decatur Grandparents!!! (Elder and Sister Ellinger!)

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