Friday, September 25, 2015


Hello Everyone!

So to start off... I think you should all turn to your Doctrine & Covenants and read 39:14, 38:32, & 60:6. I read these scriptures this week and they are awesome and you will soon see why.

Just want to let you know that this letter may not end up being very long today as I am running short on time -- but I will try to hit at least some of the highlights of the week. Sunday was absolutely A M A Z I N G ! I sang in the choir (who would've ever thought I'd be in a choir? lol) and it was AWESOME.

My favorite sisters and I at choir on Sunday

We then heard from Brother Lloyd Newell for our devotional and he talked about how with God, we shouldn't FEAR! Which is exactly what missionaries need to hear:). Fun fact: Brother Newell is the guy who does the voice that introduces general conference! He recited it for us and it was funny! He said that it's his calling "until further notice"... haha!

After that we were privileged to watch the video of Elder David A Bednar's Character of Christ talk (which I highly recommend you all read) and in it he spoke about the importance of looking outward and serving others rather than looking inward and thinking only of yourself! He said it reminded him of the cookie monster whose attitude and demeanor is "ME want cookie NOW!" Elder Sawej, my district leader, later shared his testimony with our district and said, "We need to share our cookies... and cultivate the 'SHARE COOKIES NOW!' mentality." Just some food for thought...

Selfie with some of our elders

We played some volleyball this week with people from our zone and it was wayyyyy fun. Yesterday was 'in field' orientation, where we learned and practiced effective ways of talking with strangers because THAT IS WHAT WE WILL BE DOING SOON SOON SOON! It was a very good day and I feel like I learned a lot. One of the girls teaching us looked very familiar to me, so I talked to her afterwards and we discovered that we were in the same Astronomy class during winter semester at BYU... Haha! I love those kind of connections!!!!

Most of our zone on our temple walk this past Sunday...
We are such a serious bunch!

Anyways, last night was incredible. Sister Clark and I extended the invitation to our investigator to be baptized and it was the first time we had done so and it was very POWERFUL! I got so happy because we literally will have the opportunity to do that our entire missions! I love this gospel and I love that I get to teach others about how it blesses lives! This gospel is truly amazing, and without it I know I'd be lost. The church is true, the book is blue! Read it! Every day! We NEED the gospel in our lives.

Have a blessed week!

Love, Sister Feil


PPS - I was totally sick with a runny nose and bad cough this past week - but am finally getting over it and was even well enough to be able to get my flu shot today - YAY!

Sister Clark and I "twinning!"
Thanks for the 'golden' treats sweet family of mine...
Me and the roomies...

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