Monday, September 14, 2015

Let's not say goodbye... Let's just say, Au Revoir.

Ten points if you know what movie I'm referencing in the post title! Haha. 

My parents, sister, and I went to Newport Beach on Friday and Saturday, as a sort of "last hurrah" before I leave. While there, my parents and I got to go do a session at the Newport temple! I think that might be my favorite temple. It was beautiful!

My cute parents!

Kissy lips!
Family Selfie!
More kissy lips!
Selfie because my sister and I like to be silly.

Okay, so goodbyes are hard. This morning I had to say goodbye to my dad and sister for eighteen months. I thought I would be able to control myself and not cry, but no. I shed some tears, they shed some tears, so needless to say there was a cry-fest going on in the Feil home today.

My dad made me blueberry pancakes! He's my pancake buddy.
I love these two! <3
I was trying really hard to hold back tears!
Here I was also trying really hard to hold back tears. I'll miss my beijo!

I will miss them so much, but I'll see them again in eighteen months, and I know when that time comes it'll seem like it just flew by!

Anyways, I have been set apart as a missionary (so it's official!) and my mom and I are preparing to leave for Utah as we speak. Au Revoir!

My grandpa, Stake President, me, and my dad right after I was set apart last night!

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