Monday, March 27, 2017


This week has been amazing!!!


Sister Ferrell and I finally received some service opportunities which was awesome!! We helped this friend of one of our member's move boxes as she is preparing to move... and she was the sweetest lady. She was a pastor of another church, but we got to answer some questions that she had and develop a friendship with her!!! We are going back to serve her again next week :).

We painted this bathroom!

On Tuesday we had interviews with the Welch's... which was very bittersweet for me. I got to chat with President about my mission and it STILL seems completely surreal that I will be going home soon! I am thankful beyond words for the love and trust that the Welch's have shown to me... President Welch truly has a deep love for all of his missionaries and I can tell that his heart breaks a little every time he has to say goodbye!!!

Sister Welch and I

I am (and will always be) eternally grateful for a mission President like him and for Sister Welch, who is truly my mom away from home! She was actually showing me pictures of Red pandas at the Cincinnati zoo and I was dying because those are my all-time favorite animals.... we just laughed and talked and it was GREAT!!


We met "TM" this week, who is currently less active but striving to become active again. He knows from the bottom of his heart that the Book of Mormon is true, and so we are going to help him study it :).

the district

We had our first and second return appointments with our friend "J"!! He is super cool, super stoked about reading the Book of Mormon, and he has been praying and reading the material we give him and he is just SO SOLID!!! We love 'J'!!! Teaching him has been so fun. When we first went back, he told us that he invited us back because he figured if God sent us to his door, he'd better listen. He is so awesome and we can't wait to meet with him again this week

"V's" adorable kiddos!!!

I know with all my heart that the church is true. This church is incredible because it helps us to fully access the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ, to bring us peace and joy always, and especially during times of affliction and challenge.

LOVE this family!

I love my Savior. I love being of part of this, God's work, and I am so thankful to be His missionary!! I am now entering my last week as a full time representative of Jesus Christ... and I truly can't believe how quickly my 18 months have gone, but I am thankful everyday that I was privileged to give this time to my God to do what He has needed me to here in Indiana and Ohio.

Us with our wonderful investigator 'S'

I am so thankful for our prophet and leaders, and I am pumped to hear from them this weekend!

 I love you all!!!



Love, Sister Feil

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