Monday, July 11, 2016

A Fabulous Week!

Hey all! Wednesday was BLOODY HOT! Like really. Sister Evensen and I went to a member's home to help her weed her garden and by the time we had been outside less than 10 minutes I was totally dripping sweat... no joke! Let me tell you — this humidity can be quite miserable at times! Some days are better than others, but that day was particularly hot and nasty — oh boy... I can honestly say that I love just about everything about Cincinnati but the humidity!

Look how green Cincinnati is!!

But Wednesday was awesome because we had the chance to meet with "N" again and teach her about the Book of Mormon, and she is so excited to read it while she is on vacation! We also had the opportunity to teach "J" in one of our members' homes, and it was incredible because he practically taught himself the Word of Wisdom. We asked him what he will change in his life because he knows this message is true, and he said that he'll live a better lifestyle. He's like, "Yeah, I heard you don't drink coffee or tea. I am ready to live that way too." SO COOL. HE IS SERIOUSLY SO PREPARED.

Thursday we had our first interviews with President and Sister Welch, and they're just incredible. I loved getting to know them, telling them about myself, and talking about those we are working with!!!

Me and my cute companion...

Friday was seriously so weird... we had an appointment at noon with some less actives and they didn't answer the door. SO! On to the backups.... and literally no one was outside. It was starting to get dark and dreary, and then we spotted some nurses on a smoking break and decided to go and talk with them. And then, completely out of nowhere, a dark cloud covered us and it suddenly started pouring rain and was super windy!! We were like a quarter of a mile away from our car and you would have laughed so hard if you could have seen us booking back to it! I ran as fast as I could -- but my shoes are so worn that there was very little to no traction on them so I was barely moving... HAHA! Those poor shoes might have to be tossed soon... which is a shame because they are my absolute favorite... but that is besides the point. It was a super weird change of weather that happened in an instant! That is Cincinnati for ya!

My STL's borrowed my camera & took a million selfies... LOVE them to death! Shout out to Sister Westbrook and Sister Baker!

That night we had dinner at a member's with "J" and it was awesome! We taught him about tithing and it makes complete sense to him. We ended up seeing him on Saturday too. We met him at a park to teach him about some other commandments, and he is just so ready to follow them all! Sunday after church, he joined us for another dinner with another member family and that was a blast. And tonight we will be going to the Bishop's with him for a FHE. Hopefully his little brother will be able to join us! But they are awesome, and we feel so so BLESSED to be working with them.

Well... I had a wonderful week, how about you?? Shout out to my brother and sister in law, Nate and Lyndsay, for their open house celebrations! Looked like they were a blast, love you both lots and my parents for sending me all the wonderful pictures of the fantastic job they did on their party planning!

Love you all!

Love, Sister Feil

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